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Pocket Build MOD APK v4.0.9

Pocket Build
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Pocket Build MOD APK is a simulation game from MoonBear LTD game studio, published on Dlpure for $1.49. Build your own city and create anything you want without limits. Using the endless possibilities and the many items that exist, you can create anything you want, such as a farm, a castle, a building, stones, fences, etc., the only limit for you is your imagination.

Pocket Build is a complete simulation game that allows players to build the virtual world they’ve always dreamed of. It also uses great engines to express the absolute creativity of the players, thus creating many new things with infinite resources and creating a small world to relax. Additionally, as players continue to explore, more exciting content will gradually unlock, opening up more potential for this life simulation style.

Different game modes to start
Before players can enjoy the essence of Pocket Build, they must select the game mode they want to start. The game will introduce two main creative and real-time modes. One option is endless creativity, while the other is to relax and enjoy things slowly. Depending on the player’s content or style, they can start any world and change it to their liking.

Intuitive and interactive construction system
The construction system and game architecture are flexible and complex, allowing players to freely create their own worlds from their imaginations. Each building or selection contains many interesting details and allows the player to combine building types to bring certain buildings or areas to life. However, in survival mode, everything requires resources, making every construction process real and clear to players.

The citizen controls himself
In survival mode, Pocket Build applies real-time mechanics to slow things down so players can enjoy everything to the fullest. While managing, the player can directly control all the inhabitants of the area for certain jobs such as gathering wood, mining resources and gathering food to grow things. In addition, players can recruit more new residents and run things smoothly through special systems.

Eye-catching and encouraging graphics
The graphics of the game represent the peaceful and relaxing element, so the style is vivid and colorful to immerse the players and enjoy it. Everything is also designed in high-poly, but it is very responsive and can constantly change to adapt to the player’s mood. In addition, sound effects also play an important role in stimulating players and creating more memorable moments when developing their world.

Explore other worlds
Pocket Build introduces the ability to explore other worlds, a great opportunity for players to get more inspiration to develop their own worlds. The extensive list of other players’ worlds is widely shared across the system, and players can take control or build it to make it whatever they want. Of course, players can also share their world with the community and express their creativity through their ultimate design abilities.

First omnidirectional camera
The important thing is that the player can experience the life of the villagers from a first-person perspective by directly controlling the villagers. The control mechanism of the first-person perspective is also flexible and complex, with many interesting and interactive functions for players to directly work and exploit the surrounding resources. Thanks to this function, it improves the mood of the player with absolute relaxation.

Every creative and endless element inside Pocket Build has endless potential for players to enjoy the game to the fullest. Its content is also about creating comfort and relaxation for the players as they manage and oversee the development of the world they have created from their imagination.

Key Features
Build instantly, choose from hundreds of different objects to build, and explore a vast open world.
Stunning examples of 3D graphics. Support for 3D touch as well as haptic feedback.
Build, rotate and place objects anywhere in the environment with unlimited building and location options. Manage the view, rotate it and zoom in and out.
Sandbox mode.
Unlimited access to resources Do you want to play without having to acquire resources? You just need to activate the ultimate sandbox mode to get an unlimited source of money, wood and food.
first person
Free Mode: You are allowed to place and rotate things anywhere, anytime. There is no limit.


Some features of Pocket Build MOD APK Android game :

  • Hundreds of Abtems to build
  • Create immediately
  • Beautiful 3D graphics
  • Adding new items in every update
  • Unlocking all items The existence of endless possibilities such as:
    Buildings, trees, people, animals, fences, roads, castles, barrels, fields, bridges, towers, houses, stones, etc.
  • Build, rotate and place items anywhere in the world
  • Camera display control, rotation, zoom
  • 3D touch support
  • Tactile feedback
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Pocket Build
Download Pocket Build for android

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