Practical Test – UK Driving Skills and Test Guide v6.6

Practical Test – UK Driving Skills and Test Guide v6.6

Prepare to pass your practical driving test with Pocket Instructor, a fully illustrated resource.

Pocket Instructor is an extensive library of information to help you reflect upon skills you learn on your practical driving lessons. Invaluable to learners and a great reference point for approved driving instructors ( ADI ‘s ) too.

The full driving course is covered, with in depth analysis, diagramatically explaining subtle control issues.

In The Drivers Seat
Cockpit Drill
Move Away and Stop
Move Away Safely
Pull Over And Stop Safely
Road Position
Meeting Traffic
T-Junctions Approach/Emerge
T-Junctions Position
Side Roads on Left
Side Roads on Right
Split Junctions
Traffic Lights
Lights Sequence
Turning Right Position
Turning Right
Filter Lights and Box Junctions
Pedestrian Crossings
Pedestrian Crossing Approach
Pelican and Puffin crossings
Zebra Crossings
Priority and Controls
Mini Roundabouts
Two Laned Roundabouts
Three Laned Roundabouts
Use of Speed
Use of Speed
Stopping Distances
Use of speed on Bends
Overtaking Procedure
Overtaking Buses
Overtaking Cyclists
Lane Discipline
Changing Lanes
Keeping Left
To Signal or Not to Signal
Bus and Cycle Lanes
Divide and Merge
Dual Carriageways
Independent Driving
Turn In the Road
Reverse Around A Corner
Parallel Park
Bay Park
Emergency Stop
The Driving Test
Show Me Tell Me
The Test
Dealing with Nerves
Now That You’ve Passed

As well as information to help you reach the safe standard you’ll need to pass your practical driving test, there is a section containing the content you would learn for the PassPlus course.

Passplus consists of 6 categories of driving, of which you may have had limited experience leading up to your practical:

Town Driving
All Weather Driving
Rural Roads
Night Driving
Dual Carriageways

Most DSA approved ADI ‘s will offer the passplus course. Study the Pocket Instructor section to be one step ahead and passplus ready.

So, from your very first lesson, through test day and beyond, Pocket Instructor is an invaluable driving guide to help you along with those practical driving skills!

And if you’re an experienced ADI, use Pocket Instructor to brush up and stay sharp.

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