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Rally Fury – Extreme Racing MOD APK v1.107

Rally Fury - Extreme Racing
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Rally Fury – Extreme Racing MOD APK  is a racing game from the game studio Refuel Games Pty Ltd, which is published on Dlpure for free. You have to choose from different types of racing cars and race with other players at high speed and compete with them and challenge your driving skills. With the points you earn, customize your car in terms of color, etc., or upgrade it in terms of speed and performance. You can also personalize your page.

With unlimited passion in racing, how can players ignore Rally Fury – extreme racing, the paradise of the most legendary racing cars, converged here. Not only that, you will experience the thrill of driving at top speed on the track that will leave other racers like? No words can describe the joy when you can design and change the parameters inside the engine or the appearance of your mind.

Compete with one person or against other real players in regular events
You can challenge other real players from all over the world. After you submit your challenge, if you are accepted, you will have time to finalize the location and start time of the competition. In addition to the multiplayer mode, we also give you the single player mode. Specifically, your opponent is artificial intelligence. Events will open up for you and your competitors to earn a top rank.

Use NITRO BOOST to overtake your opponent
If you are tired of low-speed racing that doesn’t give you enough joy and excitement, Rally Fury is considered a trump card that will help you make your dream come true. Here we give you the NITRO BOOST feature that allows players to maximize their nitro. This also means that you will be rushing towards the finish line like the wind, which will allow your opponents to suck up the remaining dust.

Traverse the asphalt easily
When you enter this racing world, we will take you to different locations of the race track. First of all, there are traditional asphalt roads, and this is considered the most accessible level for you to cross the finish line smoothly and without any unexpected problems. However, in addition to that, Rally Fury also brings players to race on white snow. This will definitely be an insurmountable challenge when the wheels cannot handle the thickness of the snow.

Challenge with muddy roads and dense snow
Not only that, but we are constantly bringing you many new experiences with unique race tracks. Have you ever imagined yourself racing luxury and high-class cars on gray mud? Can you conquer them and continue the journey? In addition, the action sequences in the tunnels also give players fear and the ability to control the car.

Change the appearance of the car freely according to your preferences
Rally Fury has many attractive features that attract many gamers to converge here. One of them is that it allows players to freely design and rebuild their cars in a single note. In particular, the paint colors are also your favorite to choose exotic and unique colors that are bold in the player’s own colors. or even personalization of the license plate number.

Upgrade the warrior’s power while swapping internal parts
In addition to changing the appearance according to your preferences, Rally Fury also allows you to customize the essential parameters related to the car’s handling and speed. In particular, you can easily choose tilt or touch steering, plus acceleration is handled either manually or automatically. Without stopping, the camera mode has many options for your reference.


  • Immerse yourself in fast car racing with extreme thrills.
  • Experience the thrill of driving a racing car on muddy and snowy roads.
  • Maximize speed when using the NITRO BOOST feature.
  • Customize your unique color appearance.
  • Change the internal engines to give the full power of the car to help you get to the top.

Some features of Rally Fury – Extreme Racing MOD APK Android game :

  • Perform drift movements
  • Increase your nitro speed and compete with opponents
  • Realistic Physics: Real racing physics on asphalt or dirt
  • Customize your car with different colors
  • Personalize your personal pages
  • The presence of multi-purpose cars, each with different specifications
  • Improve your cars with upgrades in terms of speed and performance
  • Control your car: tilt or touch the steering wheel, manual or automatic
  • 4 different lights to choose from
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Rally Fury - Extreme Racing
Download Rally Fury - Extreme Racing for android

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