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Relax Forest ~ Nature Sounds Premium 5.13.0 (Unlocked)

Relax Forest: sleeping sounds
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Relax Forest: sleeping soundsRelax Forest: sleeping soundsRelax Forest: sleeping soundsRelax Forest: sleeping sounds

Relax with the best sounds of the forest. Fall asleep faster and sleep better!

Ideal for relaxing, sleeping, meditation, concentration, or if you have problems with tinnitus (ear ringing).

The app plays different sounds of the forest, the sounds played in this way are also known as white noise.
White noise has beneficial effects on the body and mind because, covering the noise of the external environment, promotes relaxation and concentration.

You can set the timer and put your app in background or turn off the screen. At the end of the time, the sound fades gently and the application closes by itself. So you do not have to worry about closing the app if you fall asleep.

Do you have trouble going to sleep? This app helps you sleep by blocking distractions. Now you can asleep faster and sleep better!
You can say goodbye to your insomnia! Improve your life!

Use it after a stressful day to regain your inner peace. Go into your oasis of calm.

Application features 

  • 29 perfectly looped sounds
  • timer system that slowly fades audio out
  • auto-pause sounds on incoming call
  • volume controls
  • quick menu
  • usage in the background and with other apps
  • no streaming is required for playback (no data connection required)
  • pause and play sounds

List of sounds 

  • Chirping in the woods
  • Brook in autumn
  • Brook in the forest
  • Lodge on the pond
  • Creek in the forest
  • Woods at sunset
  • Shack near the stream
  • Waterfall in the forest
  • Nightingale singing
  • Wild jungle
  • Lodge in the rainforest
  • Brook at sunset
  • Chirping after rain
  • Forest on the island
  • Sleeping in the pine forest
  • Essence of the wild
  • Tropical palm grove
  • Magic of the forest
  • Woodpeckers at sunrise
  • Exploring the jungle
  • Night in the wood
  • Mysterious forest
  • Dawn in the Amazon
  • Tropical storm
  • Urban forest
  • Downpour in the woods
  • Mountain lake
  • The quiet after the storm
  • The enchanted source

Usage notes 

For a better experience, I recommend you the use of headphones or earphones to listen the relaxing sounds.
You can use the app in background and with other apps.

Relax Forest: sleeping sounds
Download Relax Forest: sleeping sounds for android

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