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Riding Extreme 3D MOD APK v1.90

Riding Extreme 3D
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Riding Extreme 3D is a bike riding game from playducky.com game studio which is released on Dlpure for free. in this

Mountain Bike Android Game Pick up your bike and ride through stunning scenery locations from snow-capped mountain peaks to sunny deserts, competing with other players and avoiding obstacles in your way. Upgrade your bike after each race and ride and unlock unique modifications and implement them on your bike. Test yourself in Riding Extreme 3D and do your best to reach the finish line and win. Control your bike in forest, desert, snow, etc. environments and don’t lose your balance and if you face obstacles, cross them and surpass your competitors to be the first and earn points. . You can choose the environment you want and compete in it and win.

What will you experience in the mountain bike game?
Riding Extreme 3D gives you the thrill of riding your bike past other players and reaching your desired destination. You will easily control the bike and be able to avoid environmental factors that can cause you to fail. At the same time, during the game, you can achieve even more impressive speeds by upgrading and receiving recommendations for new bikes.

Ride a mountain bike and defeat many opponents
The experience players will find in Riding Extreme 3D will completely captivate them as they can ride a bike in a 3D environment. There are various environmental factors such as land with different heights or many trees in this environment. Additionally, you try to move in the direction the arrow is pointing and make sure it’s the destination. Reaching the destination can help you earn a certain amount of money and buy the items you want.

An interesting point that can attract players is the view that they can use to control the car. From a first-person perspective, the player fully transforms into a biker and takes on various challenges to complete the level in the best possible way. Moreover, the control is focused on swiping and tapping on the screen, which anyone can master. Their job is to make sure they can help cycle the character to the finish line.

Reach high positions and impressive rewards
After you understand what you need to do in Riding Extreme 3D, you enter the first stage of the game and apply what you know to the level. Specifically, the player controls and increases the speed of the car as fast as possible to quickly overtake other players. You will be able to reach the end of the level, see a long ramp and thanks to it, you will be able to have a fast flight and touch numbers with different values.

Depending on the number you touch, the amount received is completely different, and in other words, you will be able to earn a lot at different levels. At the same time, players will face various challenges to prevent players from reaching the final position of the board. You need to control your character to move accurately and choose a safe place to move. Otherwise, you can hit the surrounding elements and stop the level.

In addition to factors that cause harm to players, players still consider some beneficial factors. One of them is the terrain with different elevations, and it is not uncommon for the environment to change over time. In addition, you can overcome many different opponents with the speed you have gained in a short period of time. You can also hit other players to get extra hit points in the game.

Upgrade to win
One thing players will notice when they experience Riding Extreme 3D is the variety of environments they can traverse. They know the level system that appeared in the game and every different path will surprise you as they have to adapt to the new levels. At the same time, each one gives you a certain amount of money and you can use it in different ways.

The factor that helps you win over other players and reach the position you want is the speed factor. You can increase the speed increase percentage with each upgrade and you can continue to upgrade some elements like command and finish bonus. Also, if you’re lucky, you might get offers with bikes in different designs and colors. You will be able to change the bike according to your wish.

Players will compete in dirt bike races against many different opponents:

Players are captivated as they have to overcome many real-world terrains and other opponents to reach the finish line.
The number of opponents is huge and you will use the features of the terrain and the speed you gain to overcome or knock them out.
Some ramps allow you to fly long distances and land in an area with a score multiplier corresponding to the reward.
Over time, you will go through different levels that will change the environment and you will try to adapt to it and perform at your best.
Players can use the money they earn to upgrade basic stats that affect bike racing, as well as receive offers for new bikes.


Some features of Riding Extreme 3D MOD APK Android game :

  • Contains ten different locations
  • Upgrade your bike
  • Destroy your rivals
  • Avoid various obstacles
  • Unlock unique modifications
Riding Extreme 3D
Download Riding Extreme 3D for android

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