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Rivengard MOD APK v1.27.8

Rivengard - Clash Of Legends
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Rivengard MOD APK is a strategy game from Snowprint Studios AB, which has been released on Dlpure for free. In this Android game you have to challenge your skills by mastering your tactics. Engage in strategic battles and use the strengths of your heroes and the battlefield to achieve victory. Choose your team with a selection of heroes and deploy on the battlefield. You can also unlock your heroes or upgrade them to make them stronger than before. Defeat hordes of powerful enemies and conquer them using your character’s unique abilities. Fight your way and take down the strongest bosses and force powerful enemies to join your team after being defeated.

About Rivengard game:

It is a game that gamers can’t ignore when it comes to the strategy game style. You will be challenged through levels to improve your tactical mastery with unique turn-based gameplay. Players will take on the role of heroes to fight evil monsters to protect the world. This game will give players an exciting experience with high-quality graphics and a diverse character system.

Rivengard Android game

Simple turn-based gameplay
Before each stage, the player must choose the strongest card to move and attack the opponent by swiping the phone screen in the direction of the enemy. This makes it easier for the player to destroy the target. After completing the level, the player will have the opportunity to receive new and more powerful cards. The player will also get more money and new items to support the next level. You can use this money to upgrade your character’s strength and vitality stats and help you overcome all difficulties.

Multiple characters for your choice
Ravenguard has a very diverse character system to create a powerful army to fight. Winning against the opposing team will help you summon the main character to your team and unlock more powerful heroes. The hero characters of the game all have their own characteristics and fighting skills, so you need to know how to use them wisely.

Achievements and rewards after each game
At each stage, depending on what you achieve, your reward value is large or small. Achievements in the game are ranked according to the number of stars, and the highest is three stars. After the game ends, you get three stars if all your heroes are alive, two stars if you lose a hero, and one star if you sacrifice more than one hero.

Key Features

  • Exciting strategic battles: lead the heroes to glorious victory with your power and control
  • Create your hero collection and form an army of powerful heroes
  • Many attractive prizes for you after completing the challenge
  • Simple role-playing gameplay: use cards to play in turn and attack your opponent
  • Amazing graphics and sounds

Some features of Rivengard Android game:

  • Participate in strategic battles
  • Use the terrain and strengths of your heroes
  • Choose your team
  • Unlock or update your hero collection
  • Use the unique abilities of each character
  • Complete various challenges
  • Access to the full features of the game when connected to the Internet
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Rivengard - Clash Of Legends
Download Rivengard - Clash Of Legends for android

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