Splits. Flexibility Training. Stretching Exercises v2.1.101 (AdFree)

Splits. Flexibility Training. Stretching Exercises v2.1.101 (AdFree)

Splits in 30 daysStretching exercises – is a cutting-edge app with video tutorials of exercises from a professional trainer. By using these effective workouts for flexibility training and stretching tips, you will learn how to do the splits quickly and easily. You don’t need any equipment, the app can be used for stretching at home, and it will teach you how to do splits at home in 30 days. The stretching exercises are for everyone, so men, women and children can all learn how to do the splits.

  • Flexibility training
  • Stretches for flexibility
  • Splits for beginners
  • Stretches for back pain

It might seem like doing the splits in 30 days sounds unrealistic for a beginner, but it’s 100% possible! The trainer will explain how you can quickly do the side splits and the front splits. Stretching for the splits in 30 days is not something unreachable, and even if you are not so flexible, this can be worked on during the training process. The stretching exercises for the splits will help you to see rapid progress and achieve the goals that you set yourself.

Download The Splits in 30 days app now and discover your newfound flexibility in just a few days!

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