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Stamurai MOD APK 7.4.34 (Pro)

Stamurai: Stuttering Therapy
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Stamurai: Stuttering TherapyStamurai: Stuttering TherapyStamurai: Stuttering TherapyStamurai: Stuttering TherapyStamurai: Stuttering Therapy

Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy is a speech therapy application developed by Stamurai Speech Therapy and published on Google Play. Stuttering is one of the problems that many people in the society suffer from. This problem manifests itself in childhood and in many cases it is resolved with the passage of time and age. But in some people, age changes have no effect on it. It is usually seen that people who stutter have low self-confidence and do not participate in friendly discussions. Fortunately, stuttering can be treated and you can overcome your problems in this field with some exercises. Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy software is a suitable option for speech therapy and solving the problem of stuttering. With its special set of exercises, this startup allows you to improve your speech at any time and place and solve your problems in this field. All the exercises are presented with more than 20 special techniques, each of which somehow solves the problems of stuttering and helps you achieve your goals in a short time. Performing the speech therapy exercises of the above software takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes of your time, but the result is extraordinary. One of the best parts available is Feared Words; A section where you can add words that are difficult for you and be sure that your ability to pronounce them will return over time. The intelligent system analyzes all your exercises and efforts and provides daily reports on the level of improvement. All the exercises have been collected by speech pathology specialists, which is a proof of the high ability of this software in solving stuttering problems. At the end of the explanation, we must say that a preliminary assessment will be provided at the beginning of the program, by which you can measure your stuttering level.

Some features and capabilities of the Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy Android program:

Various exercise programs to overcome speech problems
Creating specific treatment plans tailored to the level of your problems
Using 20 different techniques to help users treat stuttering problems
Exercises collected by speech pathologists
View an overview of your weekly and monthly workouts
An option to choose the intensity of your stuttering
An initial assessment to automatically measure the extent of your stuttering
Evaluating the results of the exercises and providing a time estimate of the time required for your recovery
Need 20 to 40 minutes of time to do the exercises every day

Stamurai is the one-stop stuttering treatment app for everyone. This stuttering therapy app comes with customization options for daily at-home practice for all ages.

Stuttering aka stammering is a speech disorder that demands persistence and practice. Stamurai provides the motivation and engagement you need to persevere on the journey towards fluent and confident speech.

Set a daily reminder and practice your speech exercises without fail!

It is an app for people who stutter by people who stutter, complete with guidance from speech-language pathologists and speech therapists.

Learn all there is to know about stuttering causes, stuttering treatment and speech therapy. Learn, practice and apply stuttering modification techniques and fluency shaping strategies in your speech during day-to-day conversations.

Stamurai comes with the complete tutorial for over 30 speech exercises including pausing, pull outs, preparatory sets, cancellations, light articulatory contacts, easy onsets, diaphragmatic breathing and slowed speech.

Here’s what you can do with Stamurai

1. You can practice reading aloud, record your voice and observe the disfluencies.
2. You can enjoy guided meditation. App-guided meditation will teach you coastal breathing techniques ubiquitous for fluency.
3. Practice breathing exercises and controlled exhalation while speaking.
4. You will get to know the function and challenges of your speech mechanism by answering a few simple questions.
5. Use delayed auditory feedback(DAF) to compensate for auditory processing defects
6. Log daily ratings such as those used in Lidcombe Program

Join moderated Group Sessions for discussing the new techniques you have learned and connecting with other Stamurai users from across the globe. Perform real life practice but in a safe environment.

How to use Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy

  1. Download and launch the stuttering therapy app
  2. Answer a few questions about to your speech disorder to customise the therapy regimen
  3. Start daily speech exercises personalized for you
  4. Learn about the stammering treatment, perform daily speech practice and learn to speak fluently
  5. Follow your progress based on your daily performance

Features of Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy

  1. Simple and easy speech-language therapy app design
  2. Assessment options for evaluating the severity of stuttering
  3. Customized stammering treatment plans based on your speech disorder
  4. Engaging speech exercises designed by speech pathology experts
  5. Overview of personalized weekly and monthly language therapy plans
  6. Estimated speech therapy timeline for seeing results
  7. Progress monitoring options based on your daily app use
  8. Tools such as delayed auditory feedback(DAF), meditation, breathing exercises for stuttering, counselling strategies.

Download and use Stamurai – Stammering & Stuttering Speech Therapy today!

Stamurai: Stuttering Therapy
Download Stamurai: Stuttering Therapy for android

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