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Star Rover - Stargazing Guide

Star Rover - Stargazing Guide
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Star Rover - Stargazing GuideStar Rover - Stargazing GuideStar Rover - Stargazing GuideStar Rover - Stargazing GuideStar Rover - Stargazing Guide

Do you love the starry night? Do you want to know everything in the sky?

Star Rover is the fantastic planetarium for your smart phone. Just hold up your phone and Star Rover will tell you exactly what you are pointing at.

Star Rover determines your location automatically.

You’ll see the stars, moon, planets, constellations in their proper place from your current location. As you move your phone, the star map updates in real time.

Star Rover makes the virtual sky a gorgeous view. You can see star twinkling, beautiful nebulae, occasional meteor and even sunset glow in the evening.

This is very easy to use. You can simply change the sky view in settings and use Quick Find for everything you want to know in the night sky.

This lets you set your location manually so you can see the sky from any part of the world.

It also lets you travel to the future or the past and see the sky on different dates and times. If you are planning for a solar eclipse, this is the app you need.


  • Over 120,000 stars.
  • All 88 constellations with beautiful artworks.
  • Planets and their moons with stunning graphics.
  • Moon phases.
  • Real images of Messier objects.
  • Sky objects information.
  • Realistic Milky Way.
  • Equatorial and azimuthal grids.
  • Sky view underneath the horizon.
  • Visual magnitude adjustment.
  • Manually time & date setting.
  • Manually location setting.
  • Quick Find.
  • Point and view.
Star Rover - Stargazing Guide
Download Star Rover - Stargazing Guide for android

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