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Stay Focused MOD APK 7.0.0

Stay Focused – App Block & Website Block is a Self Control, Productivity and App Usage tracker app which helps you focus by restricting the usage of blocked apps or blocked sites or overall phone based on Daily / Hourly Usage Limit / Limit on Number of launches / Specified Time Intervals and Limit on Screen Unlocks.
Spending too much time Social Networking or Messaging Apps? Block it and it will help you reduce the usage.

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  • Best support team

Stay Focused – App Block & Website Block is a easy to use productivity app that works as a App Usage Tracker, App Blocker and Website Blocker.

In addition to being a phone usage tracker and app blocker you can:

  • Temporarily block any application or website by using the stay focused app blocker self-control app
  • Set limitations on the access of your phone and reduce your phone addiction
  • Block your email & keep your email notifications off temporarily
  • Stay Focused App Block allows you to Set limit on social media apps. e.g. You can set to limit the usage of FB to 40 minutes a day, 5 minutes an hour and 10 launches a day
  • Strict mode with expiry and QR code feature helps you follow the limitation if you have weak self control
  • Stay Focused App Block allows to Disable other notifications for a specific time to help you concentrate
  • App Blocker helps you focus on your work or studies
  • Stay Focused helps you increase Study time
  • AppBlock helps you spend quality time with your family
  • Stay Focused App Block is the Best tool to increase productivity and concentration
  • Stay Focused App Block helps you reduce mobile phone usage and control phone addiction
  • AppBlock helps Block apps you spend the most time to reduce the usage
  • Stay Focused App Blocker helps you block distracting apps and reduce distractions/limit distractions
  • Block app helps Increase self-control
  • Stay Focused App Blocker helps you stop procrastinating
  • Stay Focused App Block helps keep track of your usage history
  • App Blocker helps you to be more anti social
  • AppBlock helps you with digital wellbeing

Stay Focused Features:

Block Apps and Block Sites based on daily usage/hourly usage and Stay Focused:

  • after you have spent the daily allowed time Stay Focused block you from using the app
  • Block apps and sites at specified time intervals
  • Track daily time spent while using the app itself: shows the timer with remaining time while using the blocked app

 Block notifications:

after you have spent the daily allowed time to keep you away from distracting apps


keeps you away from selected apps for the selected time

App usage history:

helps you keep track of your app usage history

 App time spent:

helps you keep track of time spent on different apps over time

 Check phone history:

gather counts of you checked the phone

Activity history:

gather the time that you open apps

 Strict mode:

Restrict you from changing the settings until the next day.

Lock mode:

Requires a password for changing the settings.

 Screen Time (Your Digital Detox partner):

Set limits on your overall phone usage

Permissions required:

  • Usage Access Permission- Required to find the foreground apps, calculate the usage and restrict the usage based on the configuration.
  • Notification Access Permission – Required to find the new notifications and mute based on the configuration.
  • Device Administrator permission – This app uses the Device Administrator permission. By enabling Device Administrator permission for Stay Focused, you can prevent yourself from uninstalling or force closing it.


We don’t collect your personal information or usage data. The app is standalone and is not connected with the backend.

Email us at in case of any issues, bugs, suggestions or to help translate

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Developer: Innoxapps
August 14, 2022
Varies with device
Latest Version: Varies with device
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4.5 48269 total



* Organise Dashboard
* Pause profiles with time to re-activate
* Random text to deactivate Strict Mode
* Bug fixes and Performance improvements
* Widget for Take a Break


  • ● Premium Features Unlocked.

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