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[Substratum] Style Stats. v3.1 (Patched)

Style Stats. [Substratum]
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Style Stats. [Substratum]Style Stats. [Substratum]Style Stats. [Substratum]Style Stats. [Substratum]Style Stats. [Substratum]

Make a million different status bar combinations

  • This app will only work on devices with substratum or andromeda installed.
  • Theme supports Oreo(8.x) and Nougat(7.x) devices.
  • Theme will not work on Samsung devices.

List of themed icons:

  • Wi-Fi
  • DND and Mobile ringer
  • Alarm
  • Headphones
  • Airplane Mode
  • Cast
  • Bluetooth
  • Hotspot
  • Location
  • VPN
  • voLTE

Please note:

Mobile data and battery icons cannot be themed for Oreo based devices. Please don’t raise this as an issue.**

Installation Procedure:

  • Disable/uninstall all previously installed overlays.
  • Select the icons you want to theme from the options.
  • Click “Build&Install” from the options.

Icons update/change Procedure:

  • Uninstall the previously installed overlays.
  • Select new icons from the available set.
  • Click build and enable.
  • Reboot after installing the overlay.

Theme Overview:

  • 1st option contains Wi-Fi icons.
  • 2nd option contains DND icons.
  • 3rd option contains Alarm icons.
  • 4th option contains:
  • Airplane Mode icon
  • Cast icon
  • Bluetooth icon
  • Hotspot icon
  • Location icon
  • Ringer icon
  • VPN icon
  • voLTE icon
  • 5th option contains Headphone icons.


If you face any issues with this theme, dont star this issue on playstore, please let me know.


e-mail: thedarkestdevil12@gmail.com

telegram: @thedarkestdevil12


  • DjDarkknight96
  • Substratum Theming Community
  • Ajay & Mukesh
  • Dribble
  • Flaticon
Style Stats. [Substratum]
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