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Super Goal – Soccer Stickman MOD APK v0.0.96

Super Goal - Soccer Stickman
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Super Goal – Soccer Stickman MOD APK is a sports game from the game studio Gamegou Limited, which is published on Dlpure for free. If you like to experience a soccer game with stickmen, then don’t miss Super Goal and by installing it, experience a 3D soccer and play and enjoy whenever and wherever you want. Draw a line to hit the ball and thus the direction and path of the ball is completely controlled by you. Use your intelligence to solve all kinds of puzzles and score first class goals. You can hit the ball with your head or with your foot and shoot without restriction. In addition to all this, offside and tackle errors are allowed here. Collect important items like coins and gold keys in each level and use them to unlock new skins and characters and new balls. Collect as much as you can any way you can. Super Goal – Soccer Stickman is a great game for the whole family and can keep you entertained for hours. In multiplayer matches, players are controlled by artificial intelligence, very intelligent, and you have to play with other players in the league. Also, in training, you will face various obstacles that you have to overcome successfully. There are many gold coins in the bonus levels that you need to get them all. In this football game, choose any role you like, for example, play as a cowboy, manager, superhero, etc. and enjoy. Dress up however you like, change the skins, colors and kits to be the way you like it. You will play in different stadiums and in different styles of stadiums such as beach soccer, street soccer, urban soccer, mountain soccer, etc. So control your stickman to score and clash. And in addition to football, you can play basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, billiards, rugby, etc. After you score a great goal in each match, cheer and celebrate by using creative moves around your opponents.

What is Super Goal – Soccer Stickman game like?
Super Goal is a game that can bring you a lot of fun experiences in your spare time. If you are someone who likes football sports, this will be a must have game in your collection. With this game, players will participate in extremely dramatic football matches. And the special point undoubtedly lies in the fact that the players in the game are club people.

Unique football gameplay
With almost all games that can give the best experience to the players, the gameplay will always be the main concern. Players will experience the challenges and manipulations that Super Goal creates through the built-in gameplay. Therefore, game makers have researched and developed an attractive and unique gameplay action system for their products.

This action gameplay allows the player to not perform many operations, but the character is still controlled at will. With just a simple touch and swipe, your in-game player can control his ball to fly smoothly as planned. The most important thing you should have is without a doubt the thoughts and plans for each ball situation so that they can reach the final destination.

Challenges arise
In order to develop the most attractive game for its players, in addition to the attractive gameplay, Super Goal also equips you with a diverse challenge system. The game has created many different challenges to stimulate and motivate its players to develop in their game. And to be able to consistently win the challenge, you need to acquire and practice the best skills and develop them continuously.

Challenges are created in a variety of ways in practice or formal competition. The most important problem created is certainly the obstacles created to block the lines you can draw towards the opponent’s goal. And it will help if you always remember that the challenge of the game will always grow with increasing difficulty and you should get used to it as soon as possible.

Points, wins and rewards
What every starting player wants to be able to do is score goals. With every goal, there is a special meaning behind it and all are memorable moments that each player will leave something in his memory. And to make the goal have a special highlight, celebration will also be a feature that you can implement in your game.

Besides that, in order to motivate their players, a special reward system has been created. On the small screen of the game, coins and gold keys will be rewards that you can easily get directly. They can be used for various purposes, such as buying more skins for the cannon or even new character forms.

Variety of characters and fields
Finally, there will be an exceptional customization feature that the game has added to make your gameplay much more enjoyable. Instead of boring soccer games with intense matches, now you can customize many widgets to display as you like. The first is undoubtedly that the player characters in your game can wear suits of their choice.

Super Goal even supports players dressed as superheroes, ninjas, kings, masters, cowboys, gentlemen, managers, etc. In addition, the soccer fields will also quickly change to the model you want. From professional soccer fields to crowded city soccer fields, unique street soccer fields, or perhaps snowy winter soccer fields, there will be many great experiences.

Key Features
This game is based on very familiar action gameplay, but it will bring the most interesting gaming experiences.
The game will be developed in football and the most extraordinary feature is that wooden people will replace the players.
Manipulation of the game with many players will be very simple, when you only need to touch, drag your finger and the ball is easily controlled.
Various challenges will be created to challenge players with their diverse ball control.
There are different shape options for the character, the ball or even the in-game stadium.


Some features of Super Goal – Soccer Stickman MOD APK Android game :

  • Collect coins and gold keys
  • Unlock new skins and characters and new balls
    3D environment controlled by artificial intelligence
  • Existence of different types of obstacles in exercises
  • Earn gold coins in bonus levels
  • Unique, simple and changeable gameplay
  • Choose your desired role
  • Ability to change the shape of all related items
  • Excellent graphics
  • Iconic stadium locations
  • All kinds of available beach soccer scenes, city soccer, street soccer, mountain soccer and other styles of stadiums
Super Goal - Soccer Stickman
Download Super Goal - Soccer Stickman for android

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