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Survival & Craft: Multiplayer MOD APK v347

Survival & Craft: Multiplayer
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Survival & Craft: Multiplayer MOD APK is a simulation game from Megaplay Studios, published on Dlpure for free. When the plane crashed, all the passengers and crew were killed and only one person survived and you are the only survivor of the plane who is stuck around the ocean and next to hungry sharks. In this survival simulator you have to collect various resources and build a boat and build a shelter on the boat for yourself and go on an adventure with your boat in the middle of the ocean and watch out for shark attacks. You also have to watch your health, hunger and thirst indicators, otherwise your adventure on the boat will end quickly. In order not to starve you have to catch fish and plant vegetables and collect water and do whatever you can to survive. Make building materials, clothes, weapons, chests and other things necessary for survival. Play multiplayer with your friends. Get resources and build your boat and help each other in this endless and dangerous ocean and survive. Teamwork is the only key to your survival. Travel to other islands and explore and discover new lands. Use the hook to grab the necessary resources: garbage, algae, boxes, etc., all of which are useful for your survival. Expand, equip and protect your own boat. Build a real shelter to survive.

Some features of Survival & Craft: Multiplayer MOD APK Android game :

  • Creative game mode
  • Explore different islands and discover new lands
  • Play with your friends in multiplayer
  • Building your own boat or equipping it
  • Build a shelter
  • Collecting various resources
  • Catching fish and planting vegetables
Survival & Craft: Multiplayer
Download Survival & Craft: Multiplayer for android

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