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Tangle Master 3D MOD APK v42.7.3

Tangle Master 3D
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Tangle Master 3D MOD APK  is a puzzle game from Zynga game studio that is published on Dlpure for free. Join over 100 million players and challenge your brain and have fun. Arrange the ropes in the right order and untie the knots in time. You can do limited moves to complete each level so focus on physics and try not to get stuck and complete each level successfully. There are many boosters in Tangle Master 3D that help you finish the stage faster and easier. If you like intellectual and puzzle games, this game is right for you.
With Tangle Master, you can challenge your mind and compete with other players who have mastered unraveling tangles and knots. Make a colorful monster with ropes and feed them. Use the new items in each box.
Tangle Master 3D is like a color puzzle, you have to sort the colors of ropes and pins and match them with each other. If you get stuck somewhere, use all kinds of boosters and cut the ropes or blow up the locks. There are limited moves you can make to complete the level, so focus on matching colors, arranging the ropes and untying the ropes. You should be able to untie two ropes, but if you can untie three ropes or even four ropes, you will become a master of untying knots.

Tangle Master 3D will be a game that can bring great entertainment moments to its players. If you are looking for a unique entertainment game in your spare time, this will definitely be a great game for you. With this game, players get involved in a unique game world where they are challenged with their ability to solve puzzles with difficult knots.
With any game, the gameplay always plays the main role as the soul and guides the players. In order for a game to give its players the best experience, the gameplay must be carefully studied. And after a careful development process, you now have a puzzle-style building game that is very familiar but contains a lot of interesting things.

This type of game will have a distinct advantage that it is not so much focused on the player’s actions as it is on the screen. Games based on the puzzle style are often important to how you solve the problems presented in the game. You just need to use your ability and thinking to find the solution and perform basic operations to overcome the challenge.

Break the tangled ropes
And in order to be able to bring the highest appeal to its players, the puzzle system must also be invested methodically. Players can easily feel the details of the challenges they experience through their gameplay. That’s why the developer of Tangle Master 3D has also created a unique puzzle system for its product inspired by tangled ropes.

Seeing ropes tangled and entangled can be frustrating for many people, prompting them to untangle them. And the players will experience the same exciting experience by coming to this game. Upon entering your game, you will receive a puzzle with ropes of different colors intertwined. Your task will only be to use your thinking ability to untie the knots that the game has created and win.

Unique support tools
Players can feel stressed when faced with difficult challenges continuously with consecutive rounds. But don’t worry too much about questions that are too difficult and you can’t solve them on your own within the allotted time. Tangle Master 3D has also created a system of special items for its players that can help players at any time.

Within your game, players receive special gifts that are helpful items. Whenever you can’t keep solving that puzzle with your rope, these items can help you instantly. With just simple tools like scissors, locks or bombs, your puzzle will be completed quickly and easily.

Grow adorable monsters
The parts you can participate in will be the most important goal of breeding and developing cute monsters. When you start the game, the player will get a beautiful and special monster that you will definitely like. The main task you have to do is to take care of this monster and develop it to go to a higher level as fast as possible to evolve.

To be able to do this, all you have to do is win the puzzles that Tangle Master 3D has created. By passing the puzzles, the player can get a lot of special rewards from the system. The rewards you receive should be used to upgrade and grow your monster significantly over the original version.

Key Features
This game is developed with a very familiar puzzle gameplay but promises to be very interesting with good gameplay.
The main task of the player is to care and develop the lovely monster that you will receive at the beginning of the game.
In the field of trapped ropes, the developer has created a great challenging game.
The operations performed in the game are extremely simple and easy to get used to and implement in solving puzzles.
Unique support tools help players get help in complex cases.

Tangle Master 3D
Download Tangle Master 3D for android

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