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Toy Blast MOD APK v11718

Toy Blast
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Toy Blast MOD APK is a toy blast game in the style of puzzle games from the studio Peak Games on Dlpure. You have to match two or more blocks of the same color to clear the stage and collect the stuck toys. But you should be careful to save all the toys is not an easy task because the number of your moves in each stage is limited.

Toy Blast is a puzzle game where you will try to complete the matches in the best way to complete the level. You will find many exciting mechanics in the game that you use in your levels. With different levels, you will have a great time with unique gifts.

A journey to discover a world of toys
A world full of toys will appear in front of you in Toy Blast, where you will spend your time traveling to different places and overcoming challenges in the game. At the same time, you will have full access to the puzzle gameplay which is quite impressive and accessible. You will be the one to make the toy bricks disappear to complete the required objectives of this game. You will have a long journey and with the number of levels you find, you will collect many impressive prizes.

In the new version of the game, players will find new levels with up to 50 levels. That’s a staggering number, and their challenges are sure to be quite challenging enough to keep players feeling and continuing their journey.

Destroy the toy bricks easily
The mechanics you will experience in Toy Blast are completely accessible as everything is done through touch and swipe. In particular, you will find an area with many toy bricks of the same color, and you have to click on them, then immediately, they will disappear quickly. Each disappearing brick will help you gradually complete the goal of collecting bricks of the corresponding color. You will surely be quite curious what happens when you touch many bricks.

Booster is something that you definitely cannot ignore its usefulness when it comes to helping you destroy more bricks in the game. There will be different types of boosters for you in this game. In particular, a double-headed rocket can destroy things directly, or a TNT dynamite will help you create an explosive explosion in an area close to the blast tube. Additionally, if you’re lucky, you’ll also create a Rubik’s Cube, and when two Rubiks meet, it will cause a massive explosion across the yard.

Many events and challenges you can participate in
While playing Toy Blast, players will find a huge number of levels that take a long time to complete. All of them have a specific goal that you have to achieve with a limited number of moves. Therefore, the objectives in the levels are constantly changing and new elements appear that can make things difficult for players. Also, some events where you can join and compete with other players on leaderboards.

You can easily find many events in this game to challenge yourself and compete with other players. In particular, you will be able to challenge yourself in some legendary arena levels and they are more complex than the normal levels you have played before. Star Tournament mode is also a place to help you reach the top for some pretty impressive rewards. The rewards you can get in the game include gold, boosters and many other notable items.

Enter the world with toys, you will see:
A beautifully designed world full of colorful toy bricks that you can make disappear with just one touch.
A significant number of levels for players to conquer and progress as they explore the game world.
The power-up element system effectively supports players when facing challenging levels and provides impressive destruction.
Ongoing events will be an opportunity for you to challenge yourself on leaderboards and receive unexpected rewards commensurate with rank.
The number of levels in this game has increased to 50 levels, which encourages players to continue their journey.


Some features of the fun puzzle game Toy Blast MOD APK Android :

  • Stunning graphics and unique gameplay
  • Types of jelly toys such as cars, rockets, dolls, animals
  • Different types of boosters such as vacuum cleaners, drills, buckets, brushes
  • Connecting to Facebook and competing with other online players
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Toy Blast
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