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Vedic Astrology Malayalam 9.3.2 (Subscribed)

Vedic Astrology Malayalam
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What will happen? Would something happen? – These questions often trouble the mind. An urgency to have the answers also becomes an issue then. Here is a perfect solution based on Vedic Astrology for these types of astrological requirements. This app is from Supersoft PROPHET.
Vedic astrology or Indian Astrology or Jyotish, as it is known in Sanskrit, is based on one of the oldest texts known: the Vedas, which detail the origins of the universe and of mankind. According to the Vedic traditional beliefs, Jiotish was created by several ancient philosophers instructed by Brahma the Creator Himself.
Jyotish : Jyoti means light, the light from celestial bodies or heavenly groups of objects in space such as the sun, planets, moon, and stars. The position of these celestial bodies at the time of birth is calculated based on astronomy is the root of Indian Vedic astrology.
In Indian Astrology, the date, day, year and time when a person is born is important. Here, you don’t have to worry if you don’t understand something. There are a lot of astrological terms in Sanskrit and Hindi and Malayalam which you won’t understand. Just enter the birth date, time and position on earth (time zone) clearly in English date. It will automatically generate the horoscope with all the technical calculating tables and other things along with a lengthy description of horoscope about the nature of the particular person, his likes and dislikes, his weaknesses, etc. The horoscope report is in A4 page size, 20 to 25 pages. This report can be saved and shared in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and also can be PRINT or even WhatsApp.
Marriage Compatibility report can also be generated with this app. It contains Star match, Papasamya match, Dasa Match and final report of marriage compatibility. Auspicious time (Muhoortha time) for marriage date, house warming date.. etc.. can also be generate with this app.
In addition to Malayalam language English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada and Telugu language versions of this app is available in Play Store.

Vedic Astrology Malayalam
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