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WhatsRunning Pro v1.02-ps-pro (Patched)

WhatsRunning Pro
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WhatsRunning ProWhatsRunning ProWhatsRunning ProWhatsRunning Pro

WhatsRunning Pro Features:

WhatsRunning is a simple yet robust tool – an extreme task manager – to take control over the Performance of your device and Privacy of your data.

Native Processes
Almost everything about Linux processes:

  • PPID, PID, UID, GID, groups, child count, thread count
  • SELinux context, Linux capabilities, CGroups
  • CPU usage, RAM usage, SWAP usage
  • CPU priority, I/O priority, OOM kill score
  • Commandline, executable path, age, I/O (storage) usage

Process Watcher

Did you ever wonder:

  • Which apps are not sleeping when you are sleeping?
  • Which app or process is misbehaving on your device?
  • Which process looks like an alien, a malware, a threat to your privacy?

Process Watcher is a single and simple answer to all of these questions.

Processes State
A service notification showing count of running / dead processes, system / user alive apps, and the amount of sparable RAM.

Android Apps
Details about framework, system and user apps:

  • App icon, package count, task count, service count
  • App name, package name, importance, last active time
  • Tasks (activities) names, running status, last active time
  • App services names, types, running status, number of clients, start time, last active time
  • Init and framework services, if applicable

Memory Usage

  • Total, free and sparable RAM
  • RAM used by active apps, cached apps, non-app processes, kernel and ZRAM
  • Total Swap, usage by apps and non-app processes

System Services
Init (native) and framework (Java) services which keep on running forever.

App Services
Background and foreground app services.

App State Log
Log showing apps’ active / inactive states.

Scheduled Jobs
Alarms which may wake up the device repeatedly, and scheduled jobs the apps run in background.

Auto-Starting Apps
Apps which start on device boot.

Wake Locks
Apps which have been keeping the device awake. Also a count showing how many times an app awoke the device from sleep.

Battery Hogs
A list of the apps running in foreground and/or background longer than the others.

Battery State
A service notification showing current state of battery including battery level, temperature, (dis)charge rate, estimated time, average drain rate with display on, off and in doze mode.

Need help?
We are here to explain.
Guide / FAQs: https://mirfatif.github.io/WhatsRunning/help/help
More screenshots: https://github.com/mirfatif/WhatsRunning#screenshots

Demo version
The minimal functionality of WhatsRunning is completely free. No ads, no trackers, no analytics. But there are some limitations.
Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mirfatif.whatsrunning.ps


  • WhatsRunning does not work without ROOT or ADB over network.
  • Some information is available only on rooted devices, not with ADB. For details please see “Limitation of ADB” in the help (link given above).
  • The app is tested on stock Android 7-13. Some highly customized ROMs may behave unexpectedly.

Issues: https://github.com/mirfatif/WhatsRunning/issues
Translations: https://crowdin.com/project/wrn

Want to get instant updates, test beta builds, and get direct support from the developer?
Join our Telegram support group: https://t.me/WhatsRunning

WhatsRunning Pro
Download WhatsRunning Pro for android

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