My personal dictionary – WordTheme Pro v9.0.0 (Paid)

My personal dictionary – WordTheme Pro v9.0.0 (Paid)

You want to learn a foreign language, or study a specific topic, and you are looking for an application to help you organize and study your vocabulary lists?

This application allows you to:

  • add / modify words or sentences with their translation
  • listen to the pronunciation of those words
  • add those words/sentences to vocabulary lists
  • arrange your vocabulary lists in themes/categories
  • create a hierarchy of themes/categories (a theme can have sub-themes)
  • sort the words inside a theme/category
  • move a group of words to another theme/category
  • create several dictionaries
  • search a word in your personal dictionary
  • know the level of memorization of the words added in the dictionary
  • associate an image to a word
  • associate various texts to the added words (definition, conjugation, declensions, examples, etc.)

You can also use this application as a lexicon or glossary, on the theme you want (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, cooking, psychology, philosophy, justice, etc.). This application is also very useful if you want to create a constructed language (or conlang).

To facilitate the sharing between devices or between individuals, WordTheme allows the dictionaries to be saved, imported and synchronized via Google Drive. So now you can share a common dictionary with friends, colleagues, or students.

To help you learn and memorize the words of your dictionary, “My personal dictionary” contains several games:


Find the translation:

you’ll have to find the right translation amongst a list of possible answers

Find the word:

same thing, but the other way around

Find translation (with sound)

Mixed Letters:

you must place the letters of the word in the correct order

Spelling test:

as its name suggest

s, you must write the word you hear while respecting the spelling


a crossword game is generated with the words of your personal dictionary.

All the games can be used with languages written from right to left (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, …)

Additionally, this application allows you to :

  • save your personal dictionary
  • export your personal dictionary to share it with a friend, or to make a distant backup of it
  • import a new dictionary or a list of words into a dictionary (with the interface inside the application or directly by sending the file to the application)
  • export or save your list of words in an Excel file

A dark mode is available to limit visual fatigue while using the application.


at the first launch of the application, a dictionary will be created by default with the name “My dictionary”. It is of course possible to change this name later on.

Difference compared to the free version :

  • No ads
  • Faster and less memory use (because there is no ads)
  • On the pro version, the application also allows you to:
  • associate color to words
  • filter the words by color
  • use a color filter to select words for the games
  • search on all dictionaries simultaneously

If you have a suggestion or if you see a bug on the WordTheme , please send me a mail at It will help me make the WordTheme better.

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