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BackupAssist Classic v11.1.1

BackupAssist Classic Using this application, you can do something safe and secure. Back up your data and lose nothing. This software performs offsite and onsite backups to protect your servers.

Easy, business grade backup protection for work from home computers. With millions now working from home, valuable company data can go unprotected. Now you can protect desktop computers – system and data – easily with BackupAssist Classic.

With BackupAssist Classic:

  • Both data and systems are backed up, mitigating risk of data loss.
  • Get running again quickly. Employees do their own file restores and system recovery.
  • Company data gets backed up to company storage. Recordkeeping is easy. Security is assured.
  • Centralized monitoring, maintenance and protection of data

System and file protection

  • Flexible system and file protection
  • System image to local USB HDD for fast system recovery
  • File backups to cloud
  • File backups to local USB HDD

Separate work from personal

  • Work data is backed up to work-provided storage.
  • Personal data can be excluded from the work backups.

Handles many scenarios

  • Company provided laptops.
  • Employee owned, work-only computers

Employee owned, mixed work/personal computers.

Business-grade protection

All cloud backups feature data deduplication, encryption and compression.

BYO storage = complete control

Cloud storage – use a company Azure or AWS S3 storage account. Satisfy data sovereignty and handling requirements.
Local USB HDD storage – use inexpensive, company-owned media for fast recovery.

Friendly for I.T. administrators

Pre-configuration makes it easy for non-technical staff to install and use.
Central monitoring for easy visibility.

Benefits for your business:

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Ensure legal compliance with data handling
  • Data sovereignty – company cloud account (AWS/Azure), choose where to store data
  • Data secured with business grade encryption
  • Multiple restore points
  • Consistency of data protection

Technical deep dives:

  • Backup Capabilities
  • Restore & Recovery
  • CryptoSafeGuard ransomware protection
  • Cyber Black Box



  • Multisite Manager for managing multiple installations

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