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ImageGlass v8.3.11.21

ImageGlass is a powerful software that allows you to view your photos in a clean and professional environment. The program has the ability to run more than 70 different formats such as jpe, jpg, gif, png, svg and.. If you are one of those people who, due to the low speed of your system, the photos and images are hard and slow due to the image launcher of Windows itself, especially Windows 10, this program solves your problem with its style, and displays the images to you in the shortest possible time. brings. One of the great features of ImageGlass software is the ability to customize its frames and bars to edit and add various effects to the image.

You can also change the background and format of the program to be decorated according to your taste. By default, the program provides you with shortcut keys next to the software frame to save your time with easy access to the main tools. Existence of different colors, cutting ability and… are all features of this software. In addition, ImageGlass software has a slideshow, and this feature allows you to watch your images in a row and as a video.

ImageGlass is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you view images in a clean and intuitive working environment. It gives you the possibility to view over 70+ common image formats, including .gif, .svg, .png, .heic, … and many more advanced features which help normal users or designers to speed up their work.


ImageGlass is another open source basic image viewer, which, while simple, benefits from the speed that comes with being so lightweight, and is a good choice for Windows users.
Supported formats
ImageGlass supports the most common image formats, including GIF, PNG, WEBP, SVG, RAW,… You also can customize this extension list easily.
UI Shortcuts Reference
ImageGlass has several built-in shortcut keys that can save you time in your daily workflows. This guide provides a quick reference to each shortcut available in ImageGlass.

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