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Earn Money By Playing Crypto Games

Earn Money By Playing Crypto Games

Earn Money By Playing Crypto Games 
Earn money from cryptocurrencies

Computer games and mobile phones have always been a pastime and opportunity to spend time, but now in the new generation of games you can both play and make money, and this is an attractive possibility for most gamers and people; Who are interested in computer games and mobile phones. The use of China blockchain technology in the gaming industry is expanding around the world, and cryptocurrencies will be used in many computers and mobile phones in the near future.

There are many games that integrate blockchain / DAG and cryptocurrencies into their gameplay. Crypto games are a special type of video or mobile game that rewards players with digital currency or non-exchangeable tokens (NFT) in exchange for playing. (Crypto Games)

The popularity of video cryptocurrencies is increasing every day and more and more people are using these games. Meanwhile, online games have more fans. And there are few people who are not interested in these fascinating cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency games have become very popular around the world, and many people with their smartphones are making money in addition to having fun playing these games. Crypto game developers are always trying to design better and more efficient systems for rewarding players, but this faces challenges such as security, compatibility, and payment methods. These challenges seem to be addressed with the help of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. (Crypto Games)

What are cryptocurrencies and how are they different from regular games?

Crypto games are a type of video game in the context of digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography. These cryptocurrencies in decentralized networks are based on blockchain technology. The main difference between cryptocurrencies and regular video and mobile games is the reward given to the player. For example, when a player goes through a challenge or a difficult stage in a game, you receive a reward as a trophy or achievement. When using cryptocurrency-based cryptocurrencies, rewards can be an irreplaceable token, or NFT. In this way, the player acquires a real asset that can be traded with other players. Of course, this is just one of the ways cryptocurrencies can earn real money for players.

Usually, the use of blockchain technology in cryptocurrencies allows people to become digital owners by playing. The blockchain payment method creates a major change in the in-app payment system and cryptocurrencies due to the high security of the blockchain platform, which in turn has created a reliable ecosystem. An ecosystem in which people make more money by playing and going through the stages of the game, and on the other hand, game developers make more money due to the greater popularity of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy right now, and we will hear more about this type of cryptocurrency in the future. (Crypto Games)

Crypto games and receiving digital currency

Before the advent of cryptocurrencies to earn digital currencies, we had to extract or trade them, while now we can also play digital currency. The feature of cryptocurrencies is that you can get a currency code or NFT by entering a Chinese block game and passing the game steps. You can then trade these assets with other players or transfer them to your digital wallet. (Crypto Games)

The most famous, newest and most popular cryptocurrencies

For faster and easier access to any of the games in the list below, just click on the desired game (tap) to move to your desired game. At the end of the introduction of each game, there is an arrow with a high direction Which is placed to transfer to the content and introduce the previous game, and next to each arrow there is a blue oval box that the main site of the game is specified for download. We hope you enjoy reading and installing cryptocurrencies and making money from them.


Support for cryptocurrencies by the Pulmos Association

Associations like Polemos help players raise the funds needed to enter Metaverse. Meeting the needs of cryptocurrency gamers to earn money is critical to the development of these games. Polemos is developing a GameFi learning management system and a decentralized exchange for corporate assets, and a player analysis platform for training to track, analyze and manage them. The company intends to provide players from developing countries with cryptographic games from basic game training to basic resources such as tokens and game items. Earlier this month, the CEO of Electronic Arts noted that NFTs in cryptocurrency games to make money, even though they are in the early stages of research and development, but the future of the gaming industry depends on them. In October, Ubisoft CEO also expressed interest in investing in blockchain-based cryptocurrency companies on the platform. (Crypto Games)

Crypto Illuvium game

Crypto illuvium game

Illuvium, the beta version of which will be released soon in the first quarter of 2022, is an open world RPG adventure game built on the Atrium blockchain. Players collect creatures called Illuvials that can be exchanged as NFTs. Digital characters can be used to battle other players and complete missions, and the hero becomes stronger with each battle he wins. Crypto Illuvium Game is an open world RPG adventure game built on the Atrium China blockchain platform. The players in this game are trying to hunt and capture imaginary creatures called Illovial. The game environment is formed in a wide and varied landscape. Illuvium is a challenge to be the best to strategically compete among your opponents. The player must overtake and deal with rivals, eventually gaining ILV and turning it into a token. (Crypto Illuvium Games)

Crypto illuvium Game Trailer

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Axie Infinity Crypto Game

Axie Infinity Official

One of the crypto games, Axie Infinity digital currency game is one of the most popular blockchain games in China, the payment system of which is based on Atrium cryptocurrencies. In this game, you have to buy small and funny creatures called Oxy and then go to war with the enemies with them. The game has a turn-based combat system, and to get started you must have at least three axes, the cheapest of which is worth $ 79 (equivalent to 0.0421 Atrium). That may seem like a lot to start the game, but you can make more money later. The tokens in this game are called AXS and SLP, which you can get by winning battles and then exchanging them with other players. AXS tokens can be traded even in Bainance exchange. Each Axie Infinity token is currently US $ 133.75 with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 610,890,238. CoinMarketCap is currently ranked 24th with a real market value of $ 8,146,347,548. Has 60,907,500 AXS coins in circulation and maximum. Supply 2.7 million AXS coins.

Axie Infinity Official Trailer

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The Sandbox Crypto game 

The Sandbox

One of the digital currency crypto games is the sandbox game, which you will probably remember the famous Minecraft game very soon by looking at The Sandbox game space. The Sandbox was first released in 2012, but the game’s creators decided about three years ago to allow users to build their own digital assets in the game and then exchange them. The Sandbox is based on the Atrium blockchain platform and has its own tokens. The main token of the game is known as SAND. Players in this game can make their own items or artwork and then sell them. The Sandbox live price is currently $ 1.64 with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 2,669,584,243. CoinMarketCap is currently ranked 82nd with a real market value of $ 1,461,454,526. Has a supply of 892,246,119 sand coins and a maximum in circulation. Supply 3,000,000 sand coins. (Crypto games)

The Sandbox Crypto Game Trailer

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CryptoKitties Game


One of the first crypto games to be released and still have a lot of players is CryptoKitties. Your main task in this game is to take care of the funny cats. You can buy the cats you want, breed them and sell them. Also, by combining different races, a new and unique breed can be created, which is also of great value. Players can receive Ether tokens or Atrium currency codes by doing CryptoKitties. In this game, first of all, the zero generation cats (0) are considered the most valuable cats, because there will be only 50,000 of them. These are originally owned by platform developers, so when they sell them, they retain all the profits. On the other hand, developers also make a profit of 3.75% on every zero-generation transaction that takes place in the market.

However, the market is very similar to eBay because you will see a long list of CryptoKitties available for purchase. The currency used to buy them is the Atrium (ETH). The price of each crypto kit will be different and depends on their scarcity. When you decide to buy one, the CryptoKitty token is automatically sent to your ERC-271 wallet, so it is very easy to use. If you want to sell your CryptoKitty. When someone buys it from you, ETH will be sent directly to your wallet! CryptoKitties price and coin market data is complicated Wrapped CryptoKitties is currently priced at $ 8.72 with a 24-hour trading volume. The price of WCK has not changed in the last 24 hours. Has a circulation of 65,000 WCK coins and a total supply of 65.5 thousand coins. If you are looking to buy or sell Wrapped CryptoKitties, Uniswap (v2) is currently the most active exchange. Each WCK token is supported by real cryptokitty.

CryptoKitties Crypto Game Trailer

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Sorare Crypto game 


One of the cryptocurrencies is collecting cards from famous football players, which has long been a popular pastime. Now this entertainment has taken on a modern form and image and has appeared in the form of a crypto game. Sorare game is exactly like our old game card in which we have to collect the cards of different players and each card that belongs to a better and more famous player has a higher value. To participate in the Sorare tournament, players must form a five-member team of five different players. By winning each match, they will receive more cards or a digital ether currency. This game is also based on Atrium Blockchain. Sorare is a Chinese blockchain game that uses NFT football collections. If you’re in the NFT world, if you’re in fantasy football, imagine you actually own the players you put on your team. If you register through the personal referral link, after purchasing your first 5 cards from the new signature market (auction), you will receive a maximum of 12 subscription cards to start with a free limited card. Sorare is a fantasy football game in which you buy digital football player cards (by auction or from another manager) and use them to compete in games (by scoring based on live matches) to win more cards or money (as currency Digital Atrium).

The first recommendation to a new user is to register via the referral link. Registration through the link means that after purchasing your first five cards at auction, you will receive a free Limited Card. You will then need to register with an email address. The common cards you receive through the sign-up process are yours, but they are not blockchain cards and are non-negotiable. There are four types of “suitable” cards with different levels of scarcity. Cards have rewards that affect their score in SO5 tournaments. The main prize is based on the level of the card, which depends on its scarcity and XP. Sorare is built on the Atrium blockchain. Ether, the Atrium currency (also ETH), is the second largest digital currency after Bitcoin, But there are differences between the two, The main thing is that Atrium’s goal is wider than a simple currency – It creates a platform for applications.

How to get money in and out of SORARE

The easiest way to get money is to offer or buy using a debit or credit card. If you try to buy a player while you do not have ETH in your wallet, this option will appear by default. The next easiest way is to use Ramp – a cryptographic application built into Sorare (a bit like the cryptographic version of Paypal). You will find the Ramp option in your Sorare wallet, so you do not have to leave the site to transfer money, But keep in mind that you need to confirm before using it (cryptocurrencies)

Sorare Crypto Game Trailer

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The Six Dragons Crypto Game

The Six Dragons

Another crypto game is The Six Dragons. This game is an open world role-playing game in which players can search in a wide range of game environments and attempt to build various items. Many of these items are necessary to continue the game, although it is possible to sell or exchange them with other players. The Six Dragons game is made using the Engine platform (Enjin), which is a dedicated Kevin of this platform called ENJ. The Six Dragons is a fantasy and feature-rich open world RPG inspired by some of the most iconic titles of the last two decades. This game has a lively world of 256 square kilometers with endless and epic adventures, epic battles and the freedom to do whatever you want. Players can explore endless fields, farm for valuable materials, build over 300 unique items, trade items with other players, and improve their arsenal using powerful spells.

What makes this experience unique is that almost all of the game items are decentralized using the power of China Blockchain’s innovative technology. This means that players really own their game assets because they can freely trade them with other players, sell them at a real price, and use them in different game worlds. The vision of the Six Dragons is to be a game in which the players are the main heroes of the game because they constantly shape the game, but they can also gain value from their achievements. We are building a game world for different players, with the desire to allow society to accept different gameplay roles and to freely operate a decentralized, player-owned economy. Enjin is software that gives developers the ability to create and manage virtual goods in the Atrium China blockchain.

Central to digital asset management on its platform, ENJ, is the Enjin cryptocurrency, and each item in the game created in Enjin is assigned a value in ENJ. (Crypto Games)

The Six Dragons Crypto Game Trailer

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Gods Unchained Crypto Game

Gods Unchained

One of the cryptocurrency games is Gods Anchind. You have probably experienced many card games, but Gods Unchained is different from all of them. In this crypto game you can have real ownership of the cards. Thus, it is also possible to sell or trade cards. You do not have to pay to start the game, but you will have to have stronger cards to win. Some powerful cards are very rare and therefore very valuable. Gods Unchained is another Atrium blockchain game.

Real ownership for players
Unlike other free games, Gods Unchained gives you full ownership of the items in your game. Collect rare cards, build your deck and sell the cards to other players. 

Gods Unchained was created by former Google engineers and Riot Games, led by the world’s largest game investor and led by the former director of the MTG Arena. Players can obtain the native GODS token, which acts as a payment method throughout the game. Rare cards have a unique real value because they can be sold for GODS, which can be transferred to Fiat money. This model gives players more motivation to play because they have full ownership of the valuable assets they accumulate over time.

How does Gods Unchained work?
Gods Unchained is very similar to other online strategy games, with its own currency version such as “Gold” or “Credit”. However, these currencies take players’ money and make it a more enjoyable environment in the game. The in-game currency of Gods Unchained is its own real money. Players can buy and sell their cards through the game market.

The GODS token is an ERC-20 token that players can use to buy and sell in the market, create NFTs, and earn rewards. Up to 500 million GODS tokens are distributed throughout the game, players’ wallets, developers and general sales. Players can store their GODS tokens in a Web 3.0 wallet such as MetaMask with their NFT cards. GODS also acts as a token of governance on the platform. Players can vote on issues that affect the future of the game and turn it into a truly community-oriented project.

The Gods Unchained Crypto Game Trailer

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Hash Rush Crypto Game

Hash Rush

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One of the most beautiful crypto games that we introduce in this article is called Hash Rush, which uses beautiful graphics. In this strategy game, the players have to build a base for themselves and extract crystals. These crystals are very valuable and must be guarded against the onslaught of enemies. The same crystals can be exchanged with other players and buy various in-game items.

Dozens of live RUSH prices
RUSH is a digital currency token that runs on the Atrium China blockchain and acts as the premier currency for hash. At the beginning of the soft beta, RUSH is used as a regular premium currency, so players can use it to buy items in the in-game item store.

GET RUSH Buying RUSH in-store – earning in-game through challenges, completing planets or missions – will be the main way for gamers to earn RUSH in the near future. By buying it, you will be ahead of other players or selling in-game assets in the P2P market. (Crypto games)

Hash Rush Crypto Game Trailer

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Splinter Land Crypto game 

Splinter Land

If you are interested in cryptocurrency fighting games, you must try Splinter Land. In this digital currency game based on the Steem‌ blockchain, you have to collect different cards and use them to fight other players. The token that can be exchanged in this game is also called Steem, and players can use this token to exchange their cards with others. The best way to get Steem‌ is to win battles. Splinterlands is a trading card game that runs on the Hive blockchain and interacts with several other items and is fully in line with the Play to Earn philosophy. Originally called Steem Monsters, this card game allows players to fight monsters for rewards.

Players can upgrade cards by combining two or more identical cards. Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the in-game cipher, can be earned by winning battles, selling cards, or other in-game activities. Currently, the mobile application version of this game is also available in Android.

Steem has almost instant, fee-free transactions, and its raw content makes it easier than ever to build an engaging, blockchain-based application. Steem handles more transactions than Bitcoin and Atrium, meaning it can easily make any transaction your app creates. Steem processes more transactions on top of each other than any other blockchain. This battle has been tested by more than 1 million people in more than 324 Steem-based applications. (Crypto Games)

Splinter Land Crypto Game Trailer

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Guild Of Guardians Crypto game 

Guild Of Guardians

One of the best cryptocurrencies is the Guild of Gardens game, which has not yet been completed and according to the creators, we will see its release next year. Ubisoft is the main sponsor of this game and this shows that a lot of investment is made on it. (Crypto games)

The game’s graphics are beautiful and the gameplay looks fast and attractive. In addition to personal computers, this game will also be released for mobile phones. Little is known about its details, but we do know that the Guild Of Guardians is based on the Atrium blockchain. Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG game in which players can turn their gaming passion into an asset. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy and action RPG in which players build their dream team called “Guardians” and compete in an association for epic and exchangeable prizes. The game’s developers plan to release Guild of Guardians on mobile phones in early 2022. (Crypto Games)

Guild Of Guardians Crypto Game Trailer

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Infinite Fleet Crypto game 

Infinite Fleet

Spatial-themed multiplayer online cryptocurrencies have increased in recent years. One of these games is called Infinite Fleet, which is based on the Bitcoin blockchain and will be released in a few months. In this game, you appear in the role of the commander of a space combat unit, which you have to lead various ships and with the cooperation of other units, resist the invasion of space creatures. Cryptographic game Infinite Fleet is one of the projects that have a great chance of success. (Crypto games)

Fleet Infinity is an epic sci-fi strategy and online multiplayer (MMO) game.
Explore the vast galaxy that has been produced as a routine in which the narrative is entirely led by you, the players. In Infinite Fleet, you are a commander in the combined federation fleet of Sol United, a military organization tasked with defeating the ruthless alien threat of Atrox. Change the whole destiny of humanity by building and customizing your fleet, securing territory, crossing deep gaps in space, and joining forces with your friends to change the course of war. The Infinite Fleet team is increasing its development budget through an innovative Security Code (STO) proposal. The security token (EXO) represents a non-voting asset with profit sharing from Infinite Fleet, Exordium Limited, and is fully compliant and is being registered with the SEC (US) and CSSF Luxembourg (EU).

Infinite Fleet Crypto Game Trailer

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Upland Crypto game 


One of the crypto games that many large companies have paid special attention to is building games. If you have experienced the game of monopoly, you know that in this game, players try to buy and own more houses. Upland mobile game is based on exactly the same idea, but in this game, virtual houses can be taken over; This means that the ownership of the house you buy in the game will belong to you forever and you can sell it to others or exchange it. Upland game is based on the EOS‌ blockchain and is only available for smartphones.

Build your dream home, start a virtual business and earn UPX coins or US dollars by selling your NFT assets in the open market. You can even find friends in Upland. In the crypto game Upland by purchasing a virtual property mapped to a real address, You will become one of the first owners of digital land in Upland OPEN BETA. You will receive special prizes by completing a collection of signature property, participating in daily treasure hunting and competing in live events. In this game, you join a new virtual economy where you have the opportunity to earn money in Metavars. You socialize with Uplanders people, Learn game strategies from them and work with the most prominent online gaming community today through Discord and Telegram. Upland developers have recently partnered with the EOS Authority and ClimateCare to take steps to stabilize the Chinese blockchain to offset a year-long carbon emissions for the entire EOS Mainnet. (Crypto Games)

Upland Crypto Game Trailer

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SkyWeaver Crypto game


Another cryptocurrency game that uses the capacity of the Chinese blockchain for its trading system. SkyWeaver is funded by the CEO and founder of the Reddit social network and is based on the Atrium China blockchain. This game has different cards, each of which has a specific price. Players can fight others by collecting and using these cards. SkyWeaver can be played on both PC and mobile. (Crypto games)

The Toronto-based gaming company is stepping into an area familiar to blockchain companies such as CryptoKitties, which uses blockchain to create unique, digitally verifiable collections for gamers. Skyweaver is a cryptocurrency game that has sections, including rankings, private competitions and practice mode. However, Conquest is something completely new. In this case, players compete for prizes. Winnings bring you silver cards and three consecutive wins bring you a gold card. However, you must have a silver or DAI card to compete. (Crypto Games)

You can not buy card packs in Skyweaver. The card is obtained only through gameplay. This makes Conquest an important gameplay element for the game economy. Those who do not want to play can always buy cards from the open market. However, the market is not available on iOS. You must launch it on your desktop or Android device. Those who play Skyweaver should be familiar with the Arcadeum wallet. Sequence is a new and improved version of the wallet. When you create a Skyweaver account, you automatically receive a wallet. So this wallet is always linked to your Skyweaver account. Players store their silver and gold and DAI (test) cards in their wallets. The wallet also acts as your identity in the market and your social center in the gaming community. Sequence will also be technically applicable to other cryptographic and NFT projects. This is an unsustainable multi-chain smart wallet for tokens, game items and other NFTs.

SkyWeaver Crypto Game Trailer

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Neon District Crypto game

Neon District

Neon District Crypto Game One of the cryptocurrency games that has a street fighting style, as is clear from the atmosphere of this game, the story of Neon District is told in a cyberpunk city. Players in this city fight evil people and acquire new weapons and items. They also receive tokens as a reward, which can be exchanged and sold in the form of Ether digital currency. Game developers also plan to add support for the Polygon blockchain to their game. (Crypto Games)

Neon District is a free cyberpunk RPG game in the Polygon blockchain. In addition, it is a combination of role-playing and asset-gathering games that take shape in terms of noir, futurism and technology. A series of characters, equipment and other NFT assets that occur in the third person, go through various stages of the exciting game. Neon District is the flagship title created by Blockade Games. The team is made up of game developers, artists and innovators whose core ethics are learning, the full public release of the demo version of Neon District version 2.0 in Q4, and the game recently released Chapter 1 items on OpenSea. (Crypto Games)

What sets this game apart is that, unlike regular asset-based games, the NFTs in the neon area become more valuable as the game progresses. To start the game, you must create your team. Each player in the Neon District game must start earning enough coins to buy the 4 characters needed to form a team. You need at least 4 teammates to play. There are six types of characters to choose from, and your team can consist of any combination of four characters. (Crypto Games)

Neon District Crypto Game Trailer

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Big Time Crypto game

Big Time

Big Time cryptocurrency is a multiplayer action RPG (role-playing game) in which players unite with their friends for adventure at a specific time and place. And throughout history, they explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations. Collect rare and legendary NFT token items to decorate your avatar and personal time machine, the Big Times game environment is where you can socialize with your friends. (Crypto Games)

What is Big Time?
The Big Times is a participatory cryptocurrency role-playing game that combines fast-paced action and a great history adventure with differential mathematical calculations and the ability to collect NFT tokens. (Crypto Games) 

What is an NFT token?
Non-fungible token, or NFT for short, is a unique digital asset. Unlike Bitcoin, Atrium, and other digital currencies that are interchangeable and exchangeable units, each NFT unit has specific features that set it apart from other units. For example, bitcoin, dollars, rials and banknotes in general are in the category of exchangeable assets.

In contrast, for example, your laptop, your cell phone and your car are irreplaceable items. If you lend your car to a friend to go on a trip, you expect to get back exactly the same car and not another car.

The Big Times was designed by Ari Meilich, co-founder and former CEO of Decentraland Metavers. On the other hand, the other designer of the game is Thor Alexander. It became the first blockchain and NFT-based computer action video game. (Crypto Games)

In this game, launching NFT tokens has been successful. Because they all sold out in less than 10 seconds on July 22 this year.  After purchasing the tokens, players will have access to the game in three different levels: the first at the gold level for $ 499, the second at the silver level for $ 299, and the third at the jade level for $ 179.

The game is developed by the Los Angeles-based studio Big Times. The company’s main goal in making this game is to introduce digital currency-based cryptocurrencies to the general public and to expand them as much as possible.

Prior to launching the Big Times, the company had announced its intention to sell NFT tokens through one of the most popular trading platforms. In May of this year, the Big Times Study held a financial round aimed at bringing NFT tokens to one of the world’s largest economies. During this period, the game was financed a total of $ 21 million. (Crypto Games)

How does Big Time play?
Big Time game has a system known as Timelines. This system allows players to raise a character in multiple classes along the way, while also changing the class. The classes of this game are: Chronomancer, Warrior And Shadowblase.

The player’s main mission is to uncover a mysterious threat; Who wants to break down the walls of time and change history in unexpected ways. Everything is experienced through an online game that allows hundreds of players to travel with other friends in Big Time. Any player can be looted. As the game progresses, players can receive a variety of new equipment, bases, pets, player ranks, and titles. In the case of the game’s economic system, outside of Big Time we can find “rare” items and trade, rent or sell them to other players.

These valuable items can be found by players. For a better understanding, let us give an example; If a player kills a final boss in the dungeon, the winner can receive an NFT. It should be noted that NFTs are only cosmetic items that can be exchanged for digital and Fiat currencies. In addition, the game has non-tradable items such as equipment that gives us more power in the game. This equipment can not be exchanged for digital currencies or Fiat money. (Crypto Games)

The story of the game Big Time
The story of the game called “Lor” is mainly based on the fact that time dies and disappears. The plot revolves around the fact that an unknown force causes uncontrollable changes in the history of the world. The player’s goal in the game will be to stop the damage done to time before reality disappears. At a time when problems are escalating, many are taking refuge in the only safe place in the world called the “end time”. In a short time, this space, which is a small planet, will face the problem of overpopulation. Users can choose the time and place they want and just have to pay for it.

After all these events in the game, the big minds of this video game decide to meet The End of Time. That’s why they created the Evermore Academy, an institution dedicated to the defense of time. The strange fact about this institute is that this brilliant unit is led by Albert Einstein; Who holds the position of director in this institution. As they fight for time, Einstein gathers the greatest heroes to carry out this mission to defend history.

At that moment, players enter the game environment as time travelers to take part in the biggest adventure in the world. In this journey, the heroes of the game deal with the worst time and space constraints to the mystery and dangers leading to the end of time. In short, this is a timeline-based video game through which various tools are found by the player, and although not all of them are tradable, some of them can offer great economic rewards to the player. (Crypto Games)

Big Time Crypto Game Trailer

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RollerCoin Crypto Game


RollerCoin game has an interesting idea. This game simulates bitcoin mining and rewards players according to their mining power. Game rewards are also paid in Atrium, Bitcoin and Dodge Coins. To earn these rewards, you must first log in to the RollerCoin website and sign up. Then, by playing on the site, you will be given a hash rate, which is used to mine in the cloud. Of course, hash rates can be used for up to three days, and if you do not play continuously, you will not be able to mine. (Crypto games)

RollerCoin is an online and virtual bitcoin mining game in which you compete with your friends to extract bitcoins. Requires the concept of bitcoin mining, but instead of blockchain and sophisticated processing algorithms, RollerCoin lets you test your skills. Complete missions, complete tasks in the game to build your digital currency mining empire. (Crypto Games)

RollerCoin Crypto Game Trailer

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Step Hero Crypto Game

Step Hero

Step Hero is another best crypto game that is an NFT fantasy RPG based on the BSC and Polygon networks that combines NFT with the DeFi ecosystem. The story of the game is that an apocalyptic war between the army of shadows led by Lucifer and the army of the sky led by the angel Gabriel is fought as much as possible epic battle. Angel Gabriel takes on the role of hero, and her mission and that of her companions is to defeat the shadow army in battle. Like other war games, this game pays rewards, rewards are paid by winning battles and registering an in-game symbol called Hero. Rewards are paid in the form of Hero tokens and in-game points that can be used to upgrade and purchase characters or exchange with other encrypted assets. One of the unique features of this game is that the characters can be bought only with points that are created using Hero tokens. These Hero tokens can be returned to the player’s original investor anywhere without any money or sales, so basically by collecting Hero tokens, you can unlock these character NFTs for free as soon as you earn enough points. STEP HERO is one of the best crypto games.

Hero token holders can share their inventory to earn game points, or (Hero-BNB LP) to earn FLIP tokens (PancakeSwap), This means that there is more than one tool for Hero token holders that allows players to choose how to use the tokens. Players can use BNB or Point Redemption and FLIP for NFT, which can be traded in the game market. The market is an NFT platform in the form of a chain in which users can create, sell, or buy NFT, and even includes features such as auctions and affiliate programs.

Since Step Heroes is still in its infancy, not much is known about how the mechanics of its battles work. Now, the NFT market is fully functional, and players can start collecting their Hero tokens and earn the points needed to buy their Heroes. The Step Hero team recently released a demo video that shows how the battles will take place in the game. Plans are underway to fully launch the battle in the near future with a release date of Q4 2021.

The game has already gathered a lot of excitement for a project that has not yet been fully launched, Hero has now reached 143,000 followers and has reached $ 3.5 million in Hero tokens, Which shows that there is a lot of interest in this project and its native hero badge among users. Part of this excitement comes from the team and the roadmap behind the project. The team has a number of talented people with high IQ and several years of combined experience, from the cryptography industry to marketing and game design, to CEO Gabriel and experience working with the world’s tech giants Amazon, eBay and Facebook. So there is a lot of trust in the team behind this project and their sustainable and long-term vision for Step Heroes. This game is gradually becoming one of the best cryptocurrencies and more will be heard in the future. So far, the team has reached milestones with the full release of the game, which is expected to launch in Q4 2021. (Crypto Games)

Step Hero Crypto Game Trailer

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Thetan Arena Crypto Game

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a crypto game, a mobile multiplayer online game (MOBA) based on China Blockchain technology to earn digital currency. This game allows players to gather their friends, form a team, Fight with others and win symbolic prizes with a combination of game skills and teamwork. The YGG (Yield Guild Game) platform has participated in the sale of Thetan Arena tokens and has purchased 250 regular heroes, 100 epic heroes and 50 legendary heroes.

Thetan Arena can also host competitions for YGG researchers to earn returns. Once Thetan Arena builds the infrastructure for NFT lending, YGG can also offer scholarship programs to allow its core players to participate in the game model to earn money at Thetan Arena.

Thetan Arena comes with a variety of in-game NFTs called Heroes. Each of them has a unique special ability called “Fury”. In addition to scarcity, heroes have unique playing styles and abilities and increase their chances of receiving rewards in battle prizes. Users can also equip their heroes with a collection of hundreds of weapons. (Crypto Games)

Gameplay Thetan Arena Battle Royale
The game is available for free, where players can earn in-game tokens called Thetan Coin (THC). However, this mode provides fewer opportunities to earn tokens compared to the game mode to earn money using top heroes. By participating in in-game battles, premium heroes act as NFT in-game assets that may earn rewards or revenue. The owner of the top champions can enter into private contracts with real players and make peer-to-peer arrangements for hiring champions or sharing prizes through direct collaboration. Players who cannot obtain these top heroes may work together to obtain digital tokens. Users can team up with just their skills, compete with others, and receive THC awards. When players complete game missions, they receive points called Quests, in which players can exchange THCs.

Players can select and play different game modes:

  • MOBA is a subset of strategy video games in which two teams of players compete on a predetermined battlefield.
  • Battle Royale, an online multiplayer video game genre that combines the latest gameplay.
  • Survive, explore and remove elements of a survival game with monthly updates and attractive bonuses.

Thetan Arena gameplay also has a ranking system in which the game ranks players based on the trophies they win in matches.

Sarutobi Sasuke, head of participation at YGG, highlighted the popularity of the MOBA style of play among YGG gamers, adding: “We hope this partnership will allow a large number of YGG communities to enter a new and exciting game to earn money, as well as seek to strengthen their combat skills in a skill-based MOBA competitive environment.”

Thetan Arena Wolffun game development team was founded in 2014, where they specialize in online PVP games for mobile platforms. The game is supported by KardiaChain (a decentralized and self-optimized blockchain infrastructure) with the prospect of a fun MOBA or Battle Royale game.

Thetan Arena directly supports popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Thetan Arena, where players can reward THC and THG to their favorite streamers. Thetan Arena aims to become the first blockchain-based MOBA game to be truly owned and operated by the community. Thetan Arena, by default, includes player involvement and actively incorporates player feedback into their games and enhances in-game community participation. Thetan Arena creates the resources necessary for development over the next ten years and encourages the community to develop and monetize their custom modes, maps, cosmetics. (Crypto Games)

Thetan Arena Crypto Game Trailer

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My Neighbor Alice Crypto Game

My Neighbor Alice


My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer game in which anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items, and meet new friends. In this game, you start playing after buying a plot of land from Alice or Bazaar, then turn your farmland into a thriving business in the Chinese block. My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain game that allows millions of players. In addition to gaming, they can enter the Metavars business, anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items, and even meet new friends. Inspired by successful games such as Animal Crossing, Introducing the best Metadores in the world, a fun story for casual players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience, as well as an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFT tokens. Even if they do not know anything about NFT tokens. (Crypto Games)

After buying a piece of land from Alice or at the market, players can change the shape of the land and decorate it with various in-game items such as houses, lakes, decorations, animals, plants and more. All of these items must be purchased in addition. (Crypto Games)

NFT market
Game items can be traded both through the in-game market and from NFT markets in other Chinese blocks. It generates liquidity for the assets created through the game and also encourages more players to participate in building Alice’s world. (Crypto Games)

How much does it cost to participate in my neighbor Alice’s game?

My Neighbor Alice is a free game. However, it is recommended that you purchase various in-game items to customize your avatars and virtual maps to develop the game. (Crypto Games)

What are the key features of My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice includes a variety of in-game features designed to enhance the user experience of the game. Players can trade their land and other in-game items such as houses, fences, animals and plants in the in-game virtual market. Virtual islands are important elements of the game infrastructure. Players can buy a plot of land from Alice upon arrival or at the market. It is important to note that there are few plots in the world and each piece of land is represented by NFT tokens. Avatars are used to show players in the game. Players can customize their avatars with the help of cosmetic items and install various assets on them. (Crypto Games)

Players can collect and trade various in-game items such as houses, fences, plants and animals in the in-game market. My Neighbor Alice will have a reputation system that rewards players as good owners with increasing benefits (up to social council participation). My Neighbor Alice provides players with a variety of opportunities to work on a common goal and join resources to complete fun activities. For example, the game activates community-generated events in which players participate in activities and tournaments. The game also activates a decentralized forum where users can discuss game activities, schedule upcoming polls in the decentralized organization, and make new friends. (Crypto Games)

My Neighbor Alice Crypto Game Trailer

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CryptoBlades Kingdoms Game

CryptoBlades Kingdoms

CryptoBlades Kingdoms is an NFT game based on the Binance Smart Chain, in which players can defeat enemies with powerful weapons and earn SKILL tokens. Use this native currency to create characters, build weapons with different powers, the level of which increases with the progress of the game. The stronger your weapon, the more skill you gain. The world of CryptoBlades Kingdoms is located in four warring countries. An area of 5,000 by 5,000, with 25,000,000 transferable lands. These transferable lands are grouped into 50 × 50 territories for a total of 400 territories in CryptoBlades Kingdoms. The entire map is placed on one block in each instance of the game, but eventually there may be multiple instances of the game in multiple blocks. The game starts at BSC, but the developers plan to extend it to other games as well. (Crypto Games)

Your kingdom
In CryptoBlades Kingdoms, players start from a small, single-knot village, but have the ability to expand their empire and influence on the ground. Within a few weeks, they will build an efficient village that is ready to hire missionaries to further expand their reach. (Crypto Games)

Dungeons and Quests
Full efforts are made by players to obtain King Tokens and conquer dungeons to obtain treasures. Dungeons are made up of several important components: rewards, maximum probes, difficulty, and access. Each dungeon has rewards that spin weekly and are randomly selected from a list of stone, clay, wood, KING and key. As a dungeon spins bonuses, the number of explorers that can enter will also be in circulation. This number varies from 4 to 40, with a tendency towards fewer numbers. Dungeon Exploration When exploring a dungeon, the player can allocate resources to do so.

CryptoBlades Kingdoms Game Trailer

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