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ClassicBoy Gold (64-bit) Game Emulator 5.4.3 (Full)

ClassicBoy Gold (64-bit) Game Emulator
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ClassicBoy (Gold) is a very powerful All-in-One emulator that let you play classic games not only by gamepad but also by gestures and sensor.

Currently it supports:

  • PlayStation 1 ( PS1 )
  • Nintendo 64 ( N64 )
  • Nintendo GBA/GBC/SGB/GB
  • Nintendo NES/Famicom
  • Nintendo Pokemon Mini
  • Sega Genesis/MD, Sega CD, Game Gear and Master System
  • Sega Saturn
  • All kinds of arcade games, such as Neo-Geo and Capcom DPS-1/2/3.
  • Neo-Geo CD
  • Atari 2600 VCS
    By downloading and installing external plugins, the app also supports Nintendo SNES, Nintendo DS, MAME 2003 (0.78 romsets) and Sega 32X. More consoles/handhelds emulation will be added in the future.

ClassicBoy leads gestures mapping into game controller, it’s very useful for game controlling on smartphone or tablet with touchscreen. When switches to gestures controller, left side on screen for directions and right side for actions mapping, there are 8 swipe directions can be detected on each side of screen and each one can be mapped to a game button. Besides gestures controller, accelerometer sensor (depends on hardware) is supported to simulate D-pad, calibration console is also provided for fine adjustment of tilt parameters.
The gestures/sensor controller and state loaded functions are only supported in FULL version, but traditional input means such as on-screen buttons and gamepad mapping are supported as base functions in the LITE version. All game controllers can be switched at runtime. For on-screen buttons, a powerful layout editor can be used to define the position and size of each button. Maximum 4 players can be defined to map to external gamepad.
Enjoy the app and read the HELP or ABOUT page if you want to learn more. There are many settings about frontend and cores, but game should be run well without any setting changes.


  • Supports games of following consoles or handhelds: PlayStation, Nintendo 64 bits, GameBoy Advance, GameBoy Classic, GameBoy Color, Super GameBoy, NES/Famicom, Super NES, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, MAME(0.78 romsets) etc.
  • Touchscreen input by on-screen 2D buttons
  • Graphic buttons editor for position and size definition. Graphic buttons appearance custom settings such as style, scale, animation, opacity etc.
  • External gamepad/keyboard input by keys mapping, maximum 4 players are supported
  • Switch between digital and analog D-pad at runtime
  • Controller profiles such as PS3, XBOX360 and MOGA are supported
  • Custom setting for game video
  • Audio reverb
  • Gestures/Sensor controller settings
  • Game state auto-saved and slot saved
  • Game cheats function


  • All lite version features
  • Game state auto-load and slot loaded
  • Gestures controller
  • Sensor controller
  • More plugins are downloadable and more games are supported


  • Internet: download external plugins to support more games
  • Write external storage: store games state and app settings
  • Vibrate: optional, support game controller feedback
  • Modify audio settings: support audio reverb
  • Bluetooth: support wireless game controller connection


  • This app does not come with ROMs, you must have the right to a given ROM before you play it.
  • This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Nintendo, Sony, Sega or SNK Corporation, their affiliates or subsidiaries.
ClassicBoy Gold (64-bit) Game Emulator
Download ClassicBoy Gold (64-bit) Game Emulator for android

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