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EarthQuake MOD APK 2023.08 build 1690892113 (Paid PRO)

EarthQuake PRO
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EarthQuake PROEarthQuake PROEarthQuake PROEarthQuake PROEarthQuake PRO

Earthquake is one of the natural events that we can definitely say that all humans are afraid of. Although with the passage of time and the development of human abilities to deal with the damage caused by the earthquake, it becomes less and less, but it always has its own risk. EarthQuake PRO is a unique application for intelligent monitoring of earthquakes around the world, published by Francesk Xhaferri. With its special ability, this software helps its users to easily observe earthquakes around the world and know how severe it was. All the information displayed by this startup is continuously updated and helps to access even a history based on days. Perhaps, one of the best features available in Erth Quick is its smart warnings regarding earthquakes and tsunamis; In this way, the existing technology intelligently checks all conditions and sends alerts to users around the world based on its criteria. It is better not to miss this wonderful program and to receive it, stay with us in the following article.

Some features and capabilities of the EarthQuake PRO Android program:

Display a map of the world interactively
Always updated list of earthquakes in different parts of the world
View tectonic plates
Calculation of the accuracy of the depth of earthquakes
Receive smart earthquake and tsunami alerts
Using a smartphone as a seismograph
View statistics of past events and monitor in real time
Report the earthquakes you felt
Share your opinion and experience with other users

A simple and colorful EarthQuake PRO app that focuses in the synthesis of earthquakes provided by national and international data agencies for an easy and updated vision.

EarthQuake PRO Features

  • Simple, elegant design
  • Interactive map and globe view
  • Complete/Personalized and up-to-date list of earthquakes*
  • Event search by date, keyword and distance
  • Closest cites to epicenter (available for some events on USGS)
  • Shape of tectonic plates
  • Event details
  • Earthquake alerts with full control on location, distance and magnitude
  • Tsunami notifications
  • Built-in seismograph
  • Real-time statistics
  • Real-time felt reports, comments and global chat
  • No ads

The list of earthquakes uses a fusion technology that allows to observe distinct events in streaming from the enabled providers and to have control over the merging strategy.

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