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Modulo Calculator MOD APK 2.2.16 AdFree

Modulo Calculator
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Modulo CalculatorModulo CalculatorModulo CalculatorModulo Calculator

The Modulo Calculator app lets you calculate the modulo of two numbers. Modulo operation is the remainder after division of one number by another. This is often needed by programmers and computer scientists.

  • Short form of Modulo operation is mod and the symbol is %.
  • Support for exponential notation (^ power)
  • Support for calculations including: inverse (^-1), addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Support for decimal numbers
  • See how the modulo operation result differs between different modulo definitions used by programming languages
  • Supported modulo definitions: Euclidean Modulo, Truncated Modulo and Floored Modulo
  • See how many times the second number fits in the first one
  • Lets you copy the result to your clipboard
  • Light and dark mode
Modulo Calculator
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