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Simple Music Player MOD APK 1.3.1 (Pro)

Simple Music Player
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Use Local Music Player to play music files with ease! Simple Music Player offers you all the options you need in your music player!

Listen to your music without complication – music player gapless
We know very well how important your time is. That is the reason we don’t put Ads in our app. Ads are annoying, and people hate ads. Simple like that.

Simple, yet Powerful Music Player!

Simple Music Player focuses on one thing: enjoy your music without distraction. Use a local music player while relaxing at home, working, running, or maybe while driving in your car.

The best part, it is fast and easy to install and enjoy your favorite music.

You can bring your music everywhere: walking home, or into the gym, hiking on the mountain, driving to your job, etc. The default music player is offline, which means you don’t need the internet to enjoy music.

Default Music Player has a unique battery-saving feature. Due to our new technology, you will not have to worry anymore about running out of battery during the day. Play local music with this simple music player.

Control your music from your headphones’ status bar, widget, or hardware buttons. It has never been so easy to handle.

Listen to your favorite audio format or podcasts with this beautiful music player.

Play your favorite songs with Simple Music Player!

You can enjoy the tracks and music you want with the default music player. Maybe jazz, chill, zen, even nature sounds, select which one suits you the best – play local music. And, enjoy your music with music player gapless!

Change the speed of sound with our easy settings. Local music player gives you the chance to change the music speed according to the type of music you listen to (Classic, Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno, Latino, etc.). Even according to the speakers you have (Headphone, Stereo, Surround and many more). Now, you will have the power of the sounds in your ears.

Simple Music Player gives you also the chance to make your music list inside the app. Create and manage your playlist as you desire. You can take your songs from your phone and SD card. Furthermore, you can add folders easily.

This player supports the shuffle, repeating a particular song, skipping, and forwarding. Mix the music like a DJ.

Don’t you like how the song is labeled? Edit it as you prefer, modify the name of the songs, artists, groups, etc.

We take the privacy of our users very seriously. We don’t share any information with others.

Simple offline music application, play local music.
Suitable if you need to play music from your phone.

The Default music player has the following functionality:

  • Display music library by compositions, folders, artists or albums on the device.
  • Search function.
  • Playing music, sequentially or randomly.
  • Beautiful and functional interface
  • Interaction with local playlists: play, add and delete songs.

Music player gapless is an unique music player, encompassing the perfect blend of simple and elegant design and functionality. Our default music player is renowned for its high fidelity audio playback. Use it to play local music!

Maximum music experience with a Local music player. Thank you for choosing the music player gapless!

What are you waiting for? Download the Default music player and play local music!

Simple Music Player
Download Simple Music Player for android

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