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Add Music To Video & Editor
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Add Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & EditorAdd Music To Video & Editor

Do you want to add music to video? Then this music video maker is the best companion which drives your emotions, motivates you and brings you joy. There is always a piece of background music for video when we go through the memory lane of our special moments. If you have captured a special moment such as summer getaway, birthday parties, wedding or a lovely family dinner, make videos with this music video maker app.

If you want to make an everlasting video! All you need is to add great music to video clip! Believe me, it will have a magical effect on your audience!

Download and check out the great features of Add music to video maker app that make it worth your time and effort!

Add music to video Features

  • Simply add background music to your video
  • Choose music for your video from in-built app various audios
  • Record your voice over & add audio to video
  • Remove the unwanted parts by trimming and cutting in this video music maker
  • Choose the song from your library for your music video
  • Edit audio by trimming, add fade-in and fade-out audio effects
  • Stunning video filters for music video maker
  • In-built Voice recorder
  • Add music to video maker comes with voice effects
  • Export the edited videos in HD quality in this music video maker app
  • Share your work directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Other Apps
  • 25+ Genres to add music to video
  • Add multiple musics and trim audios
  • Mute any video and add music to video
    Download the add music to video from Play store and App Store.
    Ay. it’s a free music video maker app, you don’t need to purchase it, It’s free…!!!

Is it easy to use? Any new skills I might need to learn?

Add music to video is simple to use as it is designed for everyone. Moreover, is User-friendly! And anyone can use and understand it. So, no need to learn any complicated or new skills for free music video maker. To make your music video captivating, the add music to video app has many beautiful features and colors.

Can I record my music with this app?
We want you to share your talent with the world! For this purpose, we have introduced the voice recorder feature! So, this music video maker let you record your music video for free. We have special effects to spice up your music even more such as Chipmunk, Monster, Echo, Chorus, etc
Other highlights?

  • Display sound in wave and bubble form
  • Showtime for recording and music video
  • With only one touch, you can stop, pause, or restart recording

How to add music to video?

With this add voice to the video adder, you can add a song to your recorded video. And make the visuals much better and captivating.
All you need is to follow these simple steps to create a masterpiece!

  • First of all, choose a video recording from your device.
  • You can record a new voice over. Furthermore, you can record your voice while the music is playing (it is useful for karaoke).
  • If you want to choose a song, then import your favourite song from your music library or in-app collection.
  • You can search for your favourite song & discover original covers. And add music to video for free
  • Apply smart filtering (by just pressing a button) so that the voice and the music blend smoothly with the visuals.
  • The app allows customisation. So, you can also do some basic editing like trimming audio or applying filters such as fade-in or fade-out.
  • It automatically pauses your music player when a second audio source is playing. And unpauses when the second source has stopped playing.
  • To adjust the video music, the app has a volume slider. You can adjust the volume according to your requirements.
  • Now you have made your video catchy with the background music for video!
  • Now you can either save the edited video in the Camera roll. Or, you can share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Other Apps? It’s all up to you!
Add Music To Video & Editor
Download Add Music To Video & Editor for android

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