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Al-Quran (Free) v4.1.0 (Ad Free)

Al-Quran (Free)
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Al-Quran (Free)Al-Quran (Free)Al-Quran (Free)Al-Quran (Free)Al-Quran (Free)

Al-Quran (free) has an elegant style and exclusive benefits, including:

  1. Othomani font similar to that of the printed Quran
  2. There are two options for browsing the Quran by Suras or by Ajzaa

There are three ways to browse:

  • By scrolling up
  • By paging
  • By Al-Quran (free) TV
  • Display the meanings of difficult words by clicking on them
  • Zoom in and out the font to suit the eye and the size of the mobile / tablet
  • Bookmark Ayah to be restore later
  • Searching for every word or part of it in the entire Holy Quran or in a specific surah
  • Open directly and automatically to the last reading position
  • Setting the backlight on of the mobile phone / tablet
  • Choose the application interface language
  • Activate the night mode
  • Placing or removing a graphical background behind the Quran text
  • Choose between multiple themes for the application
  • For the Quran TV (free), you can choose a suitable animated background
  • Change the color of the Quranic text
  • Setting border for the Quran text and choosing its color
  • Making the Quran text bold or not
  • Choosing a specific reciter from among several
  • Abd al-Basit Abd al-Samad
  • Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi
  • The Quran that teaches Al-Mashawi
  • Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosary
  • Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hosary (Egyptian Radio version)
  • Mustafa Ismail
  • Wadih Al-Yamani
  • Nasser Al-Qatami
  • Faris Abbad
  • Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy
  • Muhammad Jibril
  • Maher Al-Moaikli
  • Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
  • Ahmed bin Ali Al-Ajmi
  • Saad Al-Ghamdi
  • Yasser Al-Dossary
  • Repetition of the surah, the Joza, Hezb, or the quarter Hezb
  • Repeating an Ayah or more
  • Selection of Ayah or more for repetition or Tafsir
  • Display a wide range of Tafsir, including:
  • tfsyr almntkhb fy tfsyr alqran
  • tfsyr alkshaf ‘en hqa’eq altnzyl w’eywn alaqawyl fy wjwh altawyl
  • tfsyr mfatyh alghyb aw altfsyr alkbyr llemam alrazy
  • tfsyr aljam’e lahkam alqran aw tfsyr alqrtby
  • tfsyr anwar altnzyl wasrar altawyl
  • tfsyr alqran al’ezym labn kthyr
  • tfsyr aljlalyn
  • tfsyr fth alqdyr llshwkany
  • tfsyr alqran llfyrwz abady
  • tfsyr bhr al’elwm llsmrqndy
  • tfsyr alnkt wal’eywn llmawrdy
  • tfsyr m’ealm altnzyl llbghwy
  • tfsyr almhrr alwjyz fy tfsyr alktab al’ezyz labn ‘etyh
  • tfsyr zad almsyr fy ‘elm altfsyr labn aljwzy
  • tfsyr alqran labn ‘ebd alslam
  • tfsyr mdark altnzyl whqa’eq altawyl llnsfy
  • tfsyr lbab altawyl fy m’eany altnzyl llemam alkhazn
  • tfsyr abn ‘erfh
  • tfsyr ghra’eb alqran wrgha’eb alfrqan llnysabwry
  • tfsyr aljwahr alhsan fy tfsyr alqran llth’ealby
  • fsyr allbab fy ‘elwm alktab labn ‘eadl
  • tfsyr nzm aldr fy tnasb alayat walswr llbqa’ey
  • tfsyr aldr almnthwr fy altfsyr balmathwr llsywty
  • tfsyr ershad al’eql alslym ela mzaya alqran alkrym laby ms’ewd
  • tfsyr alqran lltstry
  • tfsyr hqa’eq altfsyr llslmy
  • tfsyr lta’ef alesharat llqshyry
  • tfsyr ‘era’es albyan fy hqa’eq alqran llbqly
  • tfsyr alqran labn ‘erby
  • tfsyr rwh albyan fy tfsyr alqran lasma’eyl hqy
  • jtfsyr albhr almdyd fy tfsyr alqran almjyd labn ‘ejybh
  • You can download “add-ons” attached to the application to download animated background for Quran TV (free) and Tafsirs
  • The ability to know the syntax of any word in the Noble Quran by clicking on it
Al-Quran (Free)
Download Al-Quran (Free) for android

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