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Alarm Clock Xs MOD APK 2.6.0 (Pro)

Alarm Clock Xs
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Alarm Clock XsAlarm Clock XsAlarm Clock XsAlarm Clock Xs

Waking up on time is one of the problems that many of us sometimes face. Although in some cases we have set the clock correctly, but we cannot wake up at the right time and continue our daily activities. For this reason, one of the best ways in this field is to use the Android application. Alarm Clock Xs is a simple and stylish alarm clock for Android developed by Jetkite and published on Google Play. Easily create as many alarms as you need and be sure that this time you will wake up right on time! Despite the simple environment, various facilities are provided to you. Easily create any alarms you want and activate them for a specific date. If you think that you may forget to set the alarm in the coming days, then it is better to choose the alarm clock and date before the date you want arrives. Some of the people we are in contact with are constantly traveling, one of their problems is not activating the set alarms on time, but it is better to say that in the Alarm Clock XS software, it fits The geographic location and time zone of the alarm clock area will also change correctly. If you are one of those who experience stressful days and need to wake up without any stress, set the sound of the alarms so that they are activated with a low volume at first and do not feel anxious after waking up. . Another feature available for those who have so-called heavy sleep is the mode of solving mathematical problems. This feature will prevent you from accidentally stopping the alarm and your phone will continue to sound the alarm until you solve the problem. The Alarm Clock Xs Android application has not only provided facilities to meet the needs of users, but will also provide you with graphical features. For example, you have access to a night clock that has extremely attractive graphics and keeps your Android smartphone screen active throughout the night.

Some features of Alarm Clock Xs Android program:

Set different hours without any restrictions
Ability to set an alert for a specific date
Add required details to created hours
Intelligent sound system to wake up without stress
A collection of various warning songs
Intelligent setting of the alarm clock according to the time zone of the region
Solving math problems to wake up from sleep, suitable for those who are heavy sleepers!
Stop warnings before activation!
Activating the night clock with various themes
View the alarm clock you need as a home screen widget

Simple Alarm Clock:

Alarm clock Xs is a simple yet functional alarm clock app with extreme functions. It is designed to add, edit and delete multiple alarms easily. Wake up in time and setup reminders for your daily tasks.

Compact and Easy-to-use:

Our alarm clock app is lightweight, fast and reliable. Your alarms will go off even in silent mode, in do not disturb mode or flight mode (background support). It automatically sets alarms after phone reboot and adjusts time zone if you are travelling.

Set alarm on a future date:

Our app allows setting alarms on a specific date and offers variety of snooze and repeat options.

Great music as alarm tones:

Pick your favorite music from our morning melodies, or choose a ringtone or MP3 file on your phone.

Volume Crescendo:

Wake up gently from your deep sleep by setting alarm volume increasing in a peaceful and progressive way (volume fades-in gradually).

Timely and Flexible:

For every alarm created, you are able to set an exact alarm time or duration as a sleeping goal.

Solve math problems to stop:

In order to avoid disabling your alarm accidentally, set your alarm clock to ask math problems in order to stop. Kickstart your brain for a successful morning and prevent excessive snoozing.

Are you a heavy sleeper?
Set loud alarm tones to make sure you get out of bed in time and do not oversleep. You can also set vibration to force you out of bed. Enjoy extra large snooze button to avoid accidentally pressing ‘dismiss’.

Stylish Bedside Clock with Gorgeous Themes:

Display our awesome night clock before you sleep. You will love it!

Upcoming alarm notifications:

If you have woken up earlier, you can disable or skip next alarm easily.

Smart alarm clock:

Our smart alarm clock lets you set alarms by using voice commands via Google Assistant (Just say; ‘Hey Google, set alarm at 6 am tomorrow’ and that’s it!).

Beautiful Widgets:

Set or disable alarms from home screen, without opening the app. You can also decorate your home screen with beautiful clock widgets in various styles and watch faces.

Colorful Themes and Dark Mode support:

Pick your best color and enjoy dark themes.

Download for free our newest alarm clock app.
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Important note: Your phone must be on for alarms to work.

Alarm Clock Xs
Download Alarm Clock Xs for android

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