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Screenshots – Followers Analyzer is an accurate analytics tool made for Instagram. It can track your Instagram followers, unfollowers who don’t follow you back; who block you; gained and lost follower; your most popular post; who viewed my story…

With Followers Analyzer, you can find out unfollower, ghost follower, blocker, story viewer… then clean your Instagram account by removing or blocking them. Also your popular post with most likes or comments, so you can know which style of post is the best; it can help you get followers and gain likes. The key features are as follows:


  • Followers Gained: new followers you get.
  • Followers Lost: follower who unfollowed you.
  • Block you: find out who blocked you on Instagram.
  • Unfollower: who you followed them, but they don’t follow you back.
  • Story Viewers: who viewed my Instagram stories in one day.
  • Note: Some datas like Follower Gained, Followers Lost, Blocker… You can only get datas after you tracker your Instagram account with

Likes & Comments

  • Who give most or least likes to you.
  • Who give most or least comments to you.
  • Who give most or no likes & comments to you.
  • Your posts with most likes or comments.


  • People who liked or commented you, but they don’t follow you.
  • Friends gave your most likes and comments.


  • App is not affiliated with Instagram.
  • Your Instagram account is secure while using App.
  • You need to have stable network, and mobile phone with 2GB RAM will be better.

We would like to hear from every user all over the world. If you have any problems or suggestions about, please contact us at:

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