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Angry Birds Journey MOD APK v3.3.0

Angry Birds Journey
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Angry Birds Journey MOD APK is a puzzle game from the game studio Rovio Entertainment Corporation, which has been released on Dlpure for free. Join the angry birds and discover amazing eggs in magical adventures. Slingshot birds and shoot down towers and solve puzzles and rescue chickens and clear the level and advance to the next level. Unite the nightworms and solve many puzzles. So, together with a group of angry birds like Chuck, Bomb, Red, try to destroy the pigs’ castle and take revenge on them. And discover a new world. Throw different birds at the blocks with a bow and explode the blocks and solve the different puzzles of each level and earn points. Use a variety of boosters to destroy blocks as quickly as possible and use different powers of old and new angry birds characters and discover strange places.

Angry Birds Journey unlocks a new adventure with cute and flexible birds that slingshot to bring back the wonders of the egg. Your task when coming to the game is to topple the tower as much as possible to defeat the pigs and at the same time, the player also saves the dangerous hatchlings. You can interact with lovable fireflies to help them solve puzzles easily, quickly climb to other levels and explore many interesting places.

Light protected by a pig’s hat
The journey to defeat the cute pigs is getting more and more difficult as they are lovingly designed by Angry Birds Journey for Helmet Pig. So, the game becomes more difficult when you force your hat into the cart and remove them. With the support of this special helmet, pigs can dodge your arrows, fall but still be safe, survive easily and not get caught.

Unique sniper rifle
When you come to Angry Birds Journey, you will own an exceptional shooting gun and it is made of highly elastic rubber to help you hit your target quickly. In addition, grenades are used for air firing. Their job is to pull the gun back and release your hand, then observe its direction and wait for the result.

Bird, who are the characters you choose to go on this unique adventure?

Angry Birds Journey
Immediately in the big city model
You will enjoy different models of special towers with unique shapes. It can be a house with a red roof or a car with black wheels, which promises moments of stress and joy for players. You will succeed when the tower model in front of you is toppled and your favorite hatchlings will be saved quickly when things around it collapse.

It is important to recover only lost eggs
The origin story of the sacrificial act of shooting the tower begins when you are accidentally robbed of eggs by the evil freak pigs. You have to destroy them to completely recover the missing magic eggs without any trace, catch all the big ones and put them in the shopping cart. Hundreds of levels appear that allow you to immerse yourself in this world, face the battle with giant towers and destroy all the pigs.

Easy and easy to access interface
The interface system of Angry Birds Journey is a strong point that encourages players to stay in the game until the last moment. In addition to the unique displayed locations and unique tower models with their own characters, players will get exceptional and clear task information through the data in the top left corner of the screen. Here, we tell you the current level, in addition to the number and pictures of the birds to shoot, as well as the pigs to defeat.

Conditions of bonus points
This adventure takes players to a unique paradise of nature. With each level, you will have access to different locations. However, to see the new settings, you need to beat the current Angry Birds Journey challenge by accumulating points through the number of pigs you kill and the number of chickens in the cart. The more collected, the more pigs will fall and the fewer birds will be used for shooting.

Some features of Angry Birds Journey MOD APK  Android game :

  • Easy and addictive gameplay
  • Solve a variety of fun puzzles
  • Hundreds of exciting levels
  • Collect coins and win great prizes
  • Play with all Angry Birds characters and new characters
  • Discover exotic places in a great adventure
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Angry Birds Journey
Download Angry Birds Journey for android

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