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Appy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weather
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Appy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weatherAppy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weatherAppy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weatherAppy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weatherAppy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weather

Knowing about the future state of the weather can prevent many financial and sometimes life losses. In the past, when communication technologies were not as widespread as they are today, the general public had no idea about the future state of the climate. This situation has completely changed in the last century, especially with the launch of numerous meteorological satellites. Now, with the presence of various sites and applications, anyone can easily access this information. So far, we have introduced many weather applications to your service. Applications that are often similar to each other and the only difference is their appearance. Today, however, we are at your service with a completely different weather application. Appy Weather: the most personal weather app? The title is an excellent and different weather application, for the Android operating system, developed by Third Culture Apps and published for free on Google Play. The problem that exists in the design of most weather programs is the high number of specialized information in them. These applications display specialized meteorological parameters such as air pressure, ultraviolet radiation, etc. in a detailed way for the coming days, and this makes the user unfamiliar with these concepts unable to understand the future situation correctly. The weather will arrive. Appy Weather was created to solve this problem. You do not see detailed weather information in this program. Rather, in just a few words, the general state of today’s weather will be shown to you. Of course, if you want, you can see detailed information for the next 48 hours and the change process for the next seven days. But even in these cases, the design of the program has been done in such a way that the user can easily get a complete understanding of the weather changes process in each day without getting involved with the details and specialized meteorological information.

Some features and capabilities of Appy Weather: the most personal weather app? Android:

It has a timeline that makes checking the weather fast, easy and fun.
Describe each day’s weather in a few words, without providing detailed weather information
Using beautiful and simple diagrams to show the trend of climate change
Display hourly weather conditions for the next two days
Weather forecast for the next 7 days

Made by the Google Design award-winning 🏆 developer Third Culture Apps

Winner of Google Play’s Best of 2019 “🛠 Everyday Essentials”

Appy Weather is the most personal weather app because it’s been designed for humans by someone who actually checks the weather too. By summarising the weather in plain-spoken & user-friendly language via its one-of-a-kind Timeline screen, Appy Weather sets itself apart from all other weather apps — no more scrolling long lists to figure out the weather as it’s now summarised for you in a few lines and makes checking the weather fast, easy and actually fun! That said, there are more conventional hourly & daily views if that’s what you prefer.

Appy Weather’s hyperlocal accurate forecasts are powered by Dark Sky.

Still not convinced? Check out what the experts have to say 😉

  • It’s the dead-simple weather app you’ve always wanted. » — Fast Company
  • It’s the perfect at-a-glance overview of the weather for the day. » — Gizmodo
  • Appy Weather makes it easy to stay on top of the elements with delightful design and forecasts powered by weather source Dark Sky. » — Google Play
  • Once a Windows Phone app, it’s finally made its way to Android, where it stands out through an attractive, minimalist and easy to navigate interface that has a look unlike most other weather apps. » — techradar
  • It’s rare a weather app impresses us in 2019. The last weather app that surprised us was Today Weather back in 2017, and today, we add Appy Weather to the list of apps. If you were upset over the loss of Weather Timeline, you owe it to yourself to check out Appy Weather. It’s truly that good. » — TechJunkie

Upgrade to Appy Weather+ for an ad-free Timeline, 10+ widgets, radar, notifications, temperature on the status bar and weather on the lock screen. You’ll be supporting an indie developer too ♥

Appy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weather
Download Appy Weather: Hyperlocal radar + Dark Sky weather for android

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