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Army Men Strike: Toy Wars MOD APK v3.183.0

Army Men Strike: Toy Wars
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Army Men Strike MOD APK is a strategy game from Yuanli Prism game studio, which is released on Dlpure for free. You must lead your Green Army soldiers and control planes and other toys to protect your bedroom, hallway, living room and backyard from the invading legions. Fight enemies anywhere in the house. Collect elite toys and expand your army. Upgrade your soldiers and train your soldiers in a variety of ways and compete with other players. Each home appliance has a unique function. Use your forces and fight the enemies with a good strategy.

What will you experience in the game Army Men Strike?

Different and attractive in the game Army Men Strike, you will be in the role of commander and control all the movements of the soldiers. Lead and attack the battlefield of war and destroy the enemies. Combined with realistic elements and simulation of real battle space to provide the best experience.

The general challenge of war

In Army Men Strike, you no longer have to fight alone. The most powerful army is by your side in all dangers. Recruit many heroes to occupy and compete for territory, decisive victory in all the most difficult situations. Not only fighting, but also focus on leading and commanding your army. Take on the brothers in tactical battles, the most brutal competition. It will be difficult for you to do all these things at the same time. However, carry the power of the leader strongly. All the loot and territory will be in your hands.

Assemble and train the EST team

Military conflict and war will really explode before your eyes in the virtual world. Your sea of blue shirt soldiers will be equipped with the most advanced weapons. Upgrade your armor, rifles, shotguns and tanks and warplanes to the highest level to gain the upper hand at every turn. Join your army with the toughest snipers, snipers, artillery and army troops to blast your opponents. Create the most invincible and damaging front. These hostile humans will make every attack and defense.

Join the first and strongest

Evil Yellowjackets invade your territory. Do you leave them alone? By all means, defend your battle flag against the enemy at all costs. This war is limitless and has no end, so it is not permissible to limp, he walked with determined pride and believed in victory. History will record the most glorious and wisest victories. Be the brightest name on this list. Command and engage your army with the latest weapons and combat vehicles.

Experience the most realistic battlefield

You are lucky to have grown up in a time of peace but never experienced the worst war in history. Army Men Strike gives you the most authentic experience and feeling. Of all the campaigns, the strategy most favored by the military is flexible warfare. Flexible negotiation with allies to join forces and defeat the enemy by peaceful means. However, suppose the yellow shirt army continues its aggression. In that case, you should not give up. Build and deploy the battlefield, and lead your legion to fight bravely and stubbornly in the most stressful situations. All choices are yours. Show us the outstanding leadership of a famous military man.

Vibrating weapon power

The combat weapon is simulated like the real thing. Fighter planes, armored tanks, artillery fire, high-damage ammo upgrade everything. The reward after each win will be in your treasury and battle headquarters. Carrying weapons by train and collecting metal with permanent magnets. Invincible in attack and steadfast in defense, it gives your army the ultimate battle power of all time. Although this is a realistic battle simulation game, the fun elements are always in focus. The wavy battle robot with blue and yellow colors will create a lovely and beautiful battlefield.

Deep strategies

If you have a strong military potential, high finances, but unscientific tactics and not updated, the victory will be high. The time of defense and ambush must also be calculated carefully to bring the greatest combat efficiency. Your goals must be carefully planned and calculated. Challenging the opponent with screens and tough defense will cause the yellow shirt army to lose direction and control. Use this opportunity to turn the tide and control the battle. Overwhelming opponents where the front line is always waiting for the brightest commanders.

Key Features

  • Army Men Strike is an exciting action and combat game and is intended for commanders 17 years and older.
  • Play as the strongest and wisest commander who leads the army.
  • Summon and train the most suitable names for a real battle.
  • The real warlord will appear in front of you for the most authentic experience.
  • Unique weapons and battle gear are upgraded with coins after each victory.
  • Leadership tactics will be in your control.

Some features of Army Men Strike Android game MOD APK :

  • Use the safe and make your headquarters in the bedroom
  • Designing strategic battles to attack enemies
  • Upgrading soldiers and giving different types of training
  • Compete with real players to gain more territory and power and higher prestige
  • Building fortifications to prevent attackers from attacking
  • Unite with your friends and compete or cooperate with other alliances
  • Chat with other players from around the world
Army Men Strike: Toy Wars
Download Army Men Strike: Toy Wars for android

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