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BGMI APK – Battlegrounds Mobile India v1.8

Battlegrounds Mobile India
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Battlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile IndiaBattlegrounds Mobile India

PubJie Mobile (BGMI APK) is one of the best action style games that is well known to fans of Battle Royale competitions. Developed by the developers of KRAFTON Studio, this game can engage players in various challenges and events for days with action scenes and gameplay. The gameplay is designed so that the players are on an island to fight and the person who can destroy all the other players and is the only survivor on the island, is the winner. But this studio, for its Indian fans, has recently introduced a new game with the same Battle Royale mechanism, the experience of which is also very exciting. Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK game with its own environment and modes, is different from the original version and it can be said that special events are introduced for it. As mentioned, Pabji Mobile is the most popular Battle Royale style game. You land on an island online with a parachute with 100 other players, all real. Once you have selected the landing point on the island, you must be quickly equipped with the weapons and resources provided to you on the island. In Pabji Mobile, each player can follow their own battle tactics, use vehicles to navigate the vast map of the game, use various shelters to camouflage and hide, and use all combat methods and tactics for the sole purpose of the game. Which is survival, apply. The last person to stay on the island wins that very exciting battle of about 10 minutes.


Some features of BGMI APK – Battlegrounds Mobile India Android game:

  • An attractive and diverse collection of various events with special prizes
  • More bonuses in the form of clothes and gun skins that can be used permanently.
  • Different and new modes individually and in groups in which you can compete.
  • Diverse maps and new and beautiful areas in this version
  • Great graphics designed with Unreal Engine 4 graphics engines.
  • Three-dimensional and enhanced game sound
  • Continuous game updates like the original version
  • Ability to compete with players of other versions of the game, including Pabji Lite and transfer achievements to those versions
  • And other things that you have to experience in the game…

BGMI MOD APK - Battlegrounds Mobile India

Download My Boy MOD APK

With BGMI APK Get a different experience of playing PUBG in India!

You can download this game for free and engage in an amazing collection of exciting maps, game modes and challenges. As we said, everything in the Android game Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK is different from the original version. Various basic designs, special events that can challenge the player’s skills to reach the grand prize, special costumes, different skins offered for weapons And even the bonuses you get at the end of the battle all indicate that this game is uniquely and specially designed. The game has a variety of maps with different areas in a large space that we will see the extraordinary world by taking full advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 game engine. The environment is complemented by cars and equipment, most of which are made in India. Unique three-dimensional sound will give you a completely different experience.

What can be hacked?

1. Wallhack

wallhack is one of the most popular and Highly used Hack in Battlegrounds Mobile India. With the help of wallhack, You can defeat or Kill your enemy beyond the walls. If some is talking TPP, You can kill them with the help of this Hack Easily. These are very useful in Close Range or Last Zone.

2. Aim Bot

Aimbot is used to kill the Enemy Easily. It will Automatically set your Aim on your Head. So, You can easily get him Down. This is Hack is very Usefull during last Zone or when Squad Rush on You. You can easily take down the whole Squad with the help of this Hack. This Hack is also known as BGMI Auto Aim or Head Aim.
3. Unlimited UC & Silver

This hack comes with the most amazing hacks, which can save you lots of money. Unlimited UC and Silver Hack provide you with Unlimited Ingame Currency. You can Unlock all the Mythic & Premium Avtar for Free. Get Unlimited UC in BGMI. To buy UC, You have to use spend Money. But, with the help of this BGMI APK, You can get unlimited UC at One Click.

4. Realistic Weapon & Full HD Graphics

This is also an awesome feature in Bgmi, It will add Special features to Weapons such as Firing Sounds and Way of Moment. More Realistic experience made your Game more Powerful & Easily. You feel like you are on the Ground.

5. No Recoil

If you use this hack, your Weapon Recoil became almost Zero and You can set your Aim Clearly even enemy is far away. 0 Recoil hacks in bgmi are very useful for Rage Range. You can Easily use AKM or M762 from a Long Range.

6. ESP activated

ESP is a very popular hack in Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK. With the help of this hack, you can see your Enemy from anywhere if he taking TPP.

7. No Ban & NO Root Access

This hack is specially designed to escape from Ban TEam of Battlegrounds Mobile India MOD APK. It does not require a Root Access to install in your Andriod Phone.

BGMI MOD APK - Battlegrounds Mobile India

How To Install BGMI MOD APK – Battlegrounds Mobile India with OBB data file:

  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.pubg.imobile. Ensure that the OBB file (main.15336.com.pubg.imobile.obb) sits within the com.pubg.imobile folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Download Battlegrounds Mobile India for android

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