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Beat Fire – Edm Gun Music Game MOD APK v1.3.00

Beat Fire - Edm Gun Music Game
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Beat Fire – Edm Gun Music Game MOD APK is an arcade game from Adaric Music game studio released on Dlpure for free, downloaded by more than 5,000,000 players worldwide. Keep your gun and shoot at the tiles according to the rhythm and get points. Complete challenging stages and earn rewards and buy new weapons with earned rewards. Drag your finger on the screen and control the tile and aim it and try not to miss any tile. On each display, the background color changes. Each track is designed to suit different challenges. The simple one-touch gameplay will keep you entertained for hours, so enjoy these addictive challenges.

Beat Fire is a rhythm game where players correctly shoot down the elements that appear while enjoying the good music. Each of the game’s components has features and handling that you need to know, and over time, your reflexes will improve and help you overcome many different challenges. Also, each song has multiple difficulty levels to choose from, and you can earn coins to unlock songs and other elements.

Some features of Beat Fire – Edm Gun Music MOD APK Game for Android :

  • There are a number of songs suitable for different tastes
  • Change the background color in each display
  • One touch control
  • Contains a variety of different and challenging levels
  • Addictive and easy gameplay
  • Choose from more than 10 cool skins and weapons
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet

Enter the world of impressive rhythms
When you experience Beat Fire, you enter a world of rhythms where you can find hits and challenges to overcome. The game environment is simple with soft bright colors and suitable for the preferences of many different objects. At the same time, each level gives you a new experience when elements fall from above and ask you to shoot them down.

The challenges of this game are elements of different shapes that fall from above and you will have a gun to shoot them. At the same time, your task in the game is simple: you will control the center of the gun to move left and right. Every time an element lands on the gun’s target, it will be fired, and you will do this with all that appear. You will shoot until the end of the level without skipping any element.

Many challenges to overcome
When it comes to rhythm games like Beat Fire, there will be many challenges for the players. The first factor is that you lose every element and the result is that you have to stop the game. Also, if you get unexpected help from the game, you can continue this level until the following problem. In addition, the number of falling elements will change over time and the difficulty you will have to adapt to.

The second factor to mention is the variety of elements you need to shoot in each level. In particular, you’ll find a square the size of the center of the gun you control, but sometimes some narrower elements will appear, requiring you to shoot them carefully. At the same time, there will undoubtedly be necessary elements with the tail, which the player will be forced to hold until the tail disappears when hitting his main agent.

The third element usually appears in every song you get and you unlock it later. Each track has a progress bar at the top of the screen, and once the bar is full, the level ends immediately afterwards. At the same time, you can find different difficulty levels for a song and often three difficulty levels from easy to hard. Therefore, according to each difficulty, the length of the music and the elements to shoot appear more and require the skill of the player.

Unlock many interesting weapons and new tracks
When you complete a level in Beat Fire, you receive a certain amount of money that increases over time. In particular, you will spend time completing levels and collect money to unlock new tracks. Many popular songs in the charts are waiting for you, and of course they all have unexpected difficulties. In addition, you can also change the skin of your gun and its aim point will be different depending on the skin you choose.

Beat Fire - Edm Gun Music Game
Download Beat Fire - Edm Gun Music Game for android

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