Block! Hexa Puzzle™ MOD APK v23.0405.09

Block! Hexa Puzzle™
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Block! Hexa Puzzle MOD APK is a puzzle game from BitMango game studio. Geometric shapes in different colors are next to each other, so get points by placing them in the empty space. Use your puzzle skills to solve these unique hexagonal blocks. Place these hexagonal blocks together so that there are no empty spaces. These blocks cannot be rotated and they are placed in the grid in order. Collect the block pieces in each level and place them in the right place and get rewards. Complete different challenges and earn rewards and money.

In the game Block! Hexa Puzzle What do you experience?
If you are looking for a classic puzzle game, then Block! Hexa Puzzle™ is my first choice for you. Coming to this game, you will immerse yourself in thousands of unique addictive challenges. Find a way to arrange the hexagons in the empty positions in the shortest way. Your empty board will be filled with beautiful colorful blocks. As you fill each gap, your puzzle-solving ability is also increased, and with it, the difficulty of the challenges.

The best classic puzzle game, Block! Hexa Puzzle™ has managed to attract a large number of players to participate. Coming to this game, you accept challenges and have to use your brain to arrange hexagonal blocks to fit your grid. You can complete each challenge in a few seconds, but the completion time may vary depending on the difficulty. Note that the difficulty of the challenges increases and you have to watch your steps.

Increase your brain capacity with thousands of unique and engaging challenges
It’s great that you have thousands of difficult puzzles in this special puzzle game. Each challenging level is like a difficult math problem to test your understanding of how to arrange the blocks. You should already know that when you arrange the blocks on the grid, you cannot rotate the hexablock as you wish. But you are allowed to disconnect and start over. It can be considered as a puzzle game that can improve your brain ability with countless difficult, interesting and equally exciting questions. The difficulty of each question gradually increases as you complete the old level.

Win and receive daily rewards, more when the question is specific
Players have to visualize the steps right in their head when stacking the hexa blocks to achieve the most successful challenges. You need to make sure that you can win the vast majority of missions to bring home the best prizes. Play and get many valuable gifts, which can be healing or special powers to crack difficult questions. In addition, when you successfully complete difficult questions in Block, the value of your reward will increase! Hexa Puzzle™.

Immerse yourself in the world of beautiful colorful hexagons
block! Hexa Puzzle™ attracts players not only in its unique and attractive gameplay. But it also succeeds in designing a game with great user interface and graphics. Everyone wants to immerse themselves in the world of these colorful hexagonal blocks. Choose any of the challenging levels and start your day of super fun time. Players must be alert to come up with the best strategies to collect the blocks quickly. Fill as many grids as you can for a chance to upgrade to a new challenging level.

Unique entertainment, suitable for those who want to kill their free time
If you don’t know what game to choose to end a boring work day like today, why not choose our unique puzzle game right away. For sure, you can erase all your worries instantly when you join our fun and challenging challenges. A game that doesn’t require a lot of intelligence, just arrange the blocks to match the grids. You can solve your way and the ultimate goal is to win.

There is no time limit to complete the challenge. After completion, the results will be saved automatically
I can say block! Hexa Puzzle™ is a perfect puzzle game for those who want to have fun and kill their free time at the same time. Whenever our challenges don’t force you on time, you can confidently solve the puzzles. In particular, all your results will be saved automatically after you’ve finished. This is a healthy game to have fun and compete with friends whenever you have free time.

Key Features
The classic puzzle game with hexagonal blocks is completed in seconds, but beware of increasing difficulty.
It’s stressful for your brain to find a way to overcome thousands of difficult questions and win to unlock the fascinating levels below.
Win more money for a chance to win countless valuable prizes when you successfully complete certain quests.
Immerse yourself in the colorful world of beautiful hexagons. This game is suitable for those who want to kill all their free time.
Challenging levels in this game do not limit the time to complete the tasks. It automatically saves the results for you each time you complete.


Some features of the game Block! Android Hexa Puzzle MOD APK  :

  • Simple gameplay
  • No time limit
  • Contains thousands of unique levels
  • Receive daily rewards and earn money
  • Colorful and stunning graphics and fun themes
  • Save the game automatically
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Block! Hexa Puzzle™
Download Block! Hexa Puzzle™ for android

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