Brilliant APK + Dark 7.0.3 MOD Version (Premium)

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Knowledge in various fields is growing day by day and various people around the world are trying to reach the latest sciences; To increase their mental abilities and knowledge in various fields, they need a specific reference that many people are unable to access such resources. But as you know, the World Wide Web is a great solution for accessing any kind of information! Brilliant MOD APK is an educational and interactive application for Android devices, developed by and published on Google Play. If we want to summarize this software in just a few words for you, it can be considered a suitable solution to experience an interactive learning in connection with various sciences. Brilliant APK helps its users to improve their skills in various fields, improve their knowledge of science and technology, and be smart parents for their children. The training package in this software, which is designed for different ages, will allow you to improve your abilities in any situation and exchange information with millions of people around the world. Repeated use of this startup strengthens all parts of your mind and in a short time makes you a very smart person! The above software stimulates your curiosity and conveys concepts and principles in various fields through interactive exploration. If you want to test your level of ability and knowledge, all you have to do is take part in weekly challenges and compare yourself to thousands. As we mentioned, it does not matter what age you are and what your abilities are, because this software displays content at your level.

Some features and capabilities of Brilliant APK Android application:

  • Continuously increase your knowledge and abilities in various fields
  • Provide various educational materials in various categories
  • Activate and strengthen different parts of the user’s mind
  • Increase intelligence only by stimulating your curiosity
  • Unique interactive system to get the answer to every question
  • Assess your abilities and intelligence in various fields
  • Suitable for any person at any age and level of knowledge


Brilliant MOD APK application with accurate training and interaction to increase the level of intelligence and knowledge of users around the world has been able to receive a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users Now you can download the latest original version of the program from the direct servers of the popular DLPure website.

  1. Thanks it works

  2. The course loads then crashes and the download always times out

    1. Link checked, safe.
      Use vpn then try again.

  3. Link not working

  4. It doesn’t work, just drop out of premium contents

  5. Everything downloads fine, but when I open a course, it crashes instantly and doesn’t let me use the “premium” courses.

  6. The download worked perfectly, but the app doesnt let me open the “premium” courses (when i press a course it crashes instantly). Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  7. Stilleri doesn’t work

  8. Still drops out of the premium content, please fix the issue. Thank you!

  9. Download doesn’t work

    1. Tested and both links are safe.

  10. When the new update Come out?

    1. No update has been released by the manufacturer yet.

  11. Hi, didn’t manage to make it work but I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong
    I downloaded and installed the apk and at the sign up page I inserted a random email and password
    Do I have to insert specific credentials?
    If yes, in the login page or the sign up page?

  12. the modded app doesn’t allow me open the premium content, been searching if any works, but there’s no, brilliant seems strengthen their security.

  13. Bro, please provide the latest update to this app, version 6.2.1

  14. Does not work, pls update

  15. Does not work, pls update, closes immediately when open anything

  16. its doesnt work,premium content

  17. Only the introduction unit is available for every course. Please update!!!

  18. there is no download link

  19. IJustWantToUseBrilliant:,(

    It still don’t work can you please update? Thank you !

  20. When I click on locked content, it says “unable to connect to brilliant at this moment”

  21. Same here
    When I click on locked content, it says “unable to connect to brilliant at this moment”

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