Bundled Notes – lists, writing, to-do, reminders v1.8.1 Beta (Pro)

Bundled Notes – lists, writing, to-do, reminders v1.8.1 Beta (Pro)

Bundled Notes is a brand new, beautiful, instant-syncing, cross platform (in a few days!) note-taking, writing, list-making and to-do app.

You create bundles where you control the sort order, tags, layout and to-do features, and then fill them with content – notes, rich articles, reminders, recipes, to-do items, journal entries, or anything you can think of!

Bundled Notes Featuring:

  • A unique, powerful architecture for organising notes.
  • Instant online, cross-device syncing.
  • A web app coming before the beta finishes (⭐pro feature)
  • Free syncing between Android devices.
  • A native markdown editor with What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get formatting (+ a formatting bar!).
  • A rich tagging system, with filtering, to-do tags, and custom to-do actions.
  • Light, dark and OLED themes.
  • Permanent, one-time and recurring reminders (⭐pro feature).
  • Pin notes to notifications.
  • Grid, card and compact options.
  • Manual, edited time, created time, alphabetical and tag-based sort orders.
  • A beautiful interface and animations.

Bundled is the product of sole developer creating a passion project, with a website companion around the corner. As much as its a feature-rich powerful notes service, the Android Bundled app is also a passion project for my design and animation efforts!

You can join the community, follow updates and request features on: https://www.reddit.com/r/bundled

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