Bundled Notes MOD APK 2.1.8 (002) (Pro)

Bundled Notes - Lists, To-do
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Bundled Notes - Lists, To-doBundled Notes - Lists, To-doBundled Notes - Lists, To-doBundled Notes - Lists, To-doBundled Notes - Lists, To-do

Bundled Notes – Notes, Lists, To-do, Reminders Bundled Notes is a smart note-taking platform for Android users, developed by a company with the same name and published on Google Play. With the increase in the efficiency of smartphones, the influence of these devices in our human lives increases. The security of these efficient phones has made us usually store our most important information in them. Among the most important stored information, we can refer to notes; Notes that sometimes contain very important information. If you take a look at the default Android system, you can easily see that a special tool is available for writing notes! But it must be said that this software will only solve your basic needs. So that you have a set of management options and with them you will be able to create flawless notes. One of the most important features of this startup is that it is cross-platform. This feature has created conditions that only by connecting to the manufacturer’s website on any smart device, you will be able to view your collection of notes and manage them in a special way. Sometimes it will happen to all of us that we forget an important task that we intend to do! But the advanced system used in Bundled Note allows us to pin important and necessary notes in the notification bar and set a reminder for it if needed. However, one of the most important features that gives you a sense of professionalism is the internal text editor! By means of this editor, special features such as changing the size of fonts, changing the color of texts, adding links to words, etc. are provided to you dear ones, which are unique and stunning in their own way! If you think that your notes are a little messy, create different categories and avoid any confusion by placing each note in a specific category.

Some features and capabilities of Bundled Notes – Notes, Lists, To-do, Reminders for Android:

Create flawless notes in a fully professional environment
Cross-platform system to access your notes on any operating system
Categorize your notes in different groups
Built-in text editor to create completely personalized and special texts
Pin important notes to the notification bar
Create reminders for important notes
Creating perfect task lists and checklists
Attractive and beautiful user environment

Bundled Notes is a brand new, beautiful, instant-syncing, cross platform (in a few days!) note-taking, writing, list-making and to-do app.

You create bundles where you control the sort order, tags, layout and to-do features, and then fill them with content – notes, rich articles, reminders, recipes, to-do items, journal entries, or anything you can think of!

Bundled Notes Featuring:

  • A unique, powerful architecture for organising notes.
  • Instant online, cross-device syncing.
  • A web app coming before the beta finishes (⭐pro feature)
  • Free syncing between Android devices.
  • A native markdown editor with What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get formatting (+ a formatting bar!).
  • A rich tagging system, with filtering, to-do tags, and custom to-do actions.
  • Light, dark and OLED themes.
  • Permanent, one-time and recurring reminders (⭐pro feature).
  • Pin notes to notifications.
  • Grid, card and compact options.
  • Manual, edited time, created time, alphabetical and tag-based sort orders.
  • A beautiful interface and animations.

Bundled is the product of sole developer creating a passion project, with a website companion around the corner. As much as its a feature-rich powerful notes service, the Android Bundled app is also a passion project for my design and animation efforts!

You can join the community, follow updates and request features on: https://www.reddit.com/r/bundled

Bundled Notes - Lists, To-do
Download Bundled Notes - Lists, To-do for android

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