Calctronics MOD APK 1.25 build 30 (Paid)

Calctronics- electronics tools
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Calculatronics: Electronics circuit design calculator is an app that helps electronic engineers/hobbyist design and troubleshoot electronic circuits.
The app contains calculators ranging from power electronics calculations to electronics and telecommunication. More RF calculations are being added with each release.
The app allows you to plot the graph of the filter transfer function and transistor amplifier quiescent point.

The app contains the following calculators

  • Resistor Colour Code;
  • Resistors in series and parallel;
  • Capacitors in series and parallel;
  • Capacitor charge;
  • Resistor’s Y to delta and delta to Y Converter;
  • Resistor’s Pi, Tee and bridge Tee attenuator;
  • SMD Resistor Code;
  • Capacitor Code includes polyester and ceramic capacitors;
  • Ohm’s Law;
  • Transistor amplifier calculator;
  • Filters Sallen-Key active filter, Butterworth, Chebyshev and Bessel filters;
  • Voltage divider;
  • Resistor Ratio;
  • Skin depth;
  • Decibel to Watt and Watt to decibel converter;
    Coaxial cable and 2 parallel wires impedance and capacitance calculator;
  • Operational Amplifier eg inverting amplifier, Difference amplifier and Non
    inverting amplifier;
  • LED series Resistor Calculator;
  • Adjustable voltage regulator;
  • 555 timer Calculator including Astable and monostable timer;
  • Power dissipation;
  • Micro strip trace width and impedance calculator
  • Inductor Design Tool;
  • Cylinderical wave guide Calculator;
  • Rectangular wave guide Calculator;
  • PCB Trace Width Calculator;
  • Series capacitor, inductor and resistor Resonance;
  • Capacitive Reactance;
  • Inductive Reactance;
  • Power Calculator;
  • Decibel Converter;
  • Crossover calculator;
  • Band pass and Band reject filter design;
Calctronics- electronics tools
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