Castro Premium MOD APK 4.4 build 286 (Final Paid)

Castro Premium MOD APK 4.4 build 286 (Final Paid)

Castro is a huge collection of information about your device and a set of tools for monitoring its status. This allows you to check the performance of your device in real-time!

Large collection of the information

Castro processes and displays a huge amount of information, namely:

  • Detailed processor statistics (CPU and GPU);
  • Battery monitoring;
  • Consumption of all kinds of memory;
  • Data usage via Wi-Fi and mobile networks;
  • Real-time sensors data with beautiful graphics;
  • Detailed information about Cameras of the device;
  • Full list of available audio and video codecs;
  • And many other features, including DRM and Bluetooth!

The most important thing in the “Dashboard”

If you are not interested in too detailed information in a larger volume, you can always use the “Dashboard” window, which collects all the most important information – CPU usage, battery status, network usage, and memory load on the device.

Set of useful tools

Castro has in stock a large set of tools that help to test the status of the device, for example, “Data export”, which allows you to save all the information in a file for later use or “Screen tester”, which allows you to check the operability of the device’s screen.

Even more features with “Premium”

  • Deep interface customization with various colors and themes;
  • Network traffic speed monitor to track your connection speed;
  • CPU usage monitor to keep abreast of frequency usage;
  • PDF format for information exporting;
  • And even more coming soon!

FAQ and localization
Looking for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)? Visit this page:

Want to help in Castro localization? Visit this page:

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