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Chess – Clash of Kings MOD APK v2.47.2

Chess - Clash of Kings
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Chess - Clash of KingsChess - Clash of KingsChess - Clash of KingsChess - Clash of Kings

Chess – Clash of Kings MOD APK is a board game from the Chess & Checkers Games studio, which in Dlpure previously published chess games such as Chess Online – Duel friends, Chess – Play & Learn, etc. for free. Chess is a smart hobby that you can challenge your brain and move your piece by analyzing and playing chess online with your friends. If you make a mistake, you can use the undo button. Complete more than 100 chess puzzles and challenge yourself and earn points. So you can invite a friend to duel online and compete with each other and defeat them. Chess – Clash of Kings has different difficulty levels, you can choose the level you want and then play, choose from 10 different difficulty levels. Challenge your friends with new chess tactics in multiplayer chess duels. You can check your progress using the rating system in the game. At

Global online chess game with others Android Solve chess puzzles and earn gold. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must complete each step and move on to the next steps. Chess moves are very limited and you have to checkmate your opponent by moving your pieces. The goal of the game is to checkmate the opponent. This chess game is very useful for entertaining or teaching children and developing their thinking skills. The tips included in each game will help you learn the most successful strategies and are great for both beginners and experienced chess players. So if you need guidance on how to make your next best move, you can use the in-game hints and tips. Amaze your friends by learning new moves. Chess is popular all over the world, so you can play online with your loved ones and strengthen your brain.


Some features of Chess – Clash of Kings MOD APK  Android game :

  • Playing chess online and worldwide
  • Ability to use the undo option
  • Play online chess with your friends and others
  • Hundreds of chess puzzles
  • Collect gold
  • Chess ranking
  • 10 levels of chess difficulty
  • Ability to analyze the game
Chess - Clash of Kings
Download Chess - Clash of Kings for android

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