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Cooking City – Restaurant Games MOD APK v3.18.3.5086

Cooking City: Restaurant Games
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Cooking City MOD APK is an arcade game from MAGIC SEVEN game studio, which is released on Dlpure for free. In this android game you are in the role of a chef, so open your restaurant and cook delicious food and be the best chef in the kitchen and travel around the world. Join the most addictive cooking game and manage time to prepare, cook and serve delicious food from all over the world. From baking cakes, delicious burgers, coffee to Chinese restaurant food, cook and challenge your cooking skills. Here there are hundreds of ingredients for cooking delicious food that you can use and with the help of various dishes cook delicious food and feed your customers. The more satisfied customers are, the more people will come to your restaurant and ultimately your income will increase. Earn big rewards by completing levels. Use boosters and complete your cooking with magical items. Manage your time and time and by improving your cooking equipment you can quickly cook food and complete the stage.

Cooking City is a timed cooking game that is a lot of fun. Players will be highly focused to be able to match the speed of the game. You will be involved in preparing, cooking, delivering and serving delicious food to customers from all over the world. The game enjoys a rich culinary scene, from drinks like classics to famous restaurants, bakeries and delicious burgers. In addition, players will have cooking challenges in the kitchen provided in the game and experience becoming the king of managing a culinary empire.

The game can be played online or offline and is easily updated
Players can start playing offline to cook the most delicious and free food in cooking city. The updating of equipment and materials is implemented effectively, and the replacement of kitchen appliances can quickly meet the cooking time and increase the cooking speed. The updated ingredients greatly increase the variety of food and the quality of the food.

How to beat certain levels in the race
With Cooking City, players will experience different levels including more than 300 levels and 200 dishes. There are combo, chef, pink and bonus levels. The player earns as much money as possible for the bonus level before the level ends. You will receive the reward and it will be updated after four hours. The player must complete the matching tasks consecutively to get the combination coin.

This level combines three or more dishes and this reward will get more coins and make it easier to pass the level. After completing all three gameplays in all ten levels, a pink level will appear. They can be replayed to earn more coins to choose from as you complete the levels.

Users can get like status from customers by serving their food quickly to feel happy. In addition, you can also improve household appliances to create cooking. If a guest is treated very badly, your restaurant will not score any likes. You can create many combos to replace and get more combo golds to get rich!

Visit other cities to enjoy the culinary empire
Players can discover cuisines from many cities around the world in Culinary City. After completing their first city in the western settlement, they can begin their journey. There are two ways for them to start their journey: click on the plane to go to more cities or the Korea icon on the screen.

Cooking City is a kitchen cooking game with strategy, fun simulation and fast gameplay. Players become a chef to create delicious dishes for customers. In addition, you can explore food culture by traveling around the world. From there, players will build a culinary kingdom for themselves. Chefs must really understand the dishes the customer needs in order to combine the ingredients properly. After each round, you will save your travel memories and cooking stories and enjoy the busy moments of the restaurant. Players will enjoy the kitchen atmosphere and cook excitingly with the preset time.

Key features of this game
– You can play offline to open your favorite restaurants anywhere immediately after installation is complete
– Can learn how to cook a variety of delicious dishes with different ingredients
– There are many levels but only one goal to bring excitement to the players
– Combine energy resources to complete objectives and win the round
– Many professional kitchen tools have been upgraded to cook all the delicious dishes in the shortest time


Some features of Cooking City MOD APK Android game :

  • Cooking more than 200 delicious dishes
  • There are hundreds of ingredients to cook food
  • Upgrade the elements and items of your restaurant
  • Using all kinds of containers
  • More than 300 levels with unique objectives
  • Earn rewards and great prizes
  • Using powerful boosters
  • Increase income by double sales
  • Strengthening the skills of the chef
  • Use of kitchen appliances
  • More than 8 themed restaurants and unique accessories for the chef
  • Using an espresso machine or a pizza oven
  • Update kitchen appliances
  • Manage your time
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Cooking City: Restaurant Games
Download Cooking City: Restaurant Games for android

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