Correlate: Health Journal, Mood & Symptom Tracker v3.1.5 (Paid)

Correlate: Health Journal, Mood & Symptom Tracker v3.1.5 (Paid)

Correlate is a medical journal that let you track health issues and diagnose a sickness. It uses a diagnostic approach that correlates symptoms with habits, and explains sick days streaks with a medical diagnosis. It works like a simple habit tracker, or a food diary. In addition, it lets you record sicknesses, or any medical symptom (like flu symptoms). By the use of a diagnostic triage procedure, it correlates your daily journal with your symptoms.

So, if you have health problems, want to prevent diseases or need a self diagnosis, just log activities and track habits. Correlate helps you find correlations between them! In this way you can find disease origins, improve your pain management and live get healthy. All by developing good habits!

The app has multiple usages:

  • health book / therapy journal / medication log: record your symptoms and medications
  • habit tracker / food diary: keep a daily journal of your habits or food
  • symptoms checker: like a medical journal, enter your sick days streaks and get a self diagnosis from correlations
  • specific uses: headache diary, flu tracker
  • other: pain journal, mood tracker, allergy tracker, anxiety journal, event logger, sleep journal.

It is very useful to diagnose common diseases, and to find disease origin of:

  • flu symptoms
  • constipation, bowel movements
  • allergy symptoms, intolerances, hay fever
  • headache, generic feeling sick, lassitude


Correlate does not substitute doctor visits, and it does not provide a medical diagnosis for your symptoms. Your medical history need to be evaluated with a professional triage. However, Correlate can help you and your doctor tracking activities and better understand your symptoms.

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