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Courtney Black Fitness
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Courtney Black FitnessCourtney Black FitnessCourtney Black FitnessCourtney Black Fitness

Having a fit body is one of the desires of everyone! Having a fit body will not only give you high self-confidence, but you will also be able to experience good social relationships. To achieve a fit body, you should consider various factors, one of which is regular and continuous training programs. Courtney Black Fitness is an exercise and diet application developed by Courtney Black and published on Google Play. Without a doubt, with just a simple check after installation, you will realize that this software is one of the best in the field of providing sports training programs. The above app consists of several different sections, each of which helps your fitness in some way. The first thing that should be determined after installation is your training goals. This means that you determine whether you are interested in gaining toned and bulky muscles, or whether you want to lose weight. In addition to these exercises, they are divided into two categories, sports exercises at home without the need for equipment and special exercises in the gym. So, to get your own program, you only need to enter the basic information with high accuracy. The second important point that distinguishes this application from other similar programs is the phasing of exercises. The specific training programs shown are divided into several different phases that help your body not get used to specific exercises and always experience unstoppable growth under the influence of exercises. All the exercises are accompanied by special training videos so that your body can grow completely. One of the special features that undoubtedly fascinates everyone is the live training videos! By choosing the trainer you want, you will be able to train with him live and on video and have a special workout without additional costs. As we mentioned at the beginning of the explanation, fitness has no meaning without a proper diet! A portion of the Courtney Black Fitness program is dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind diet recipes that help you follow a specific diet along with effective workouts.

Some features of the Courtney Black Fitness Android app:

Providing sports training programs tailored to your individual characteristics
Specific exercise programs to increase muscle mass or lose weight
Several different challenges to have a fit body in a short period of time
Exercise programs suitable for exercise at home or in the gym
Providing training programs in several different phases to increase the effect on the muscles
Training videos are provided for each of the exercises
Live training experience with your favorite trainer
Provide complete information regarding your progress
A collection of dietary recipes
An internal forum to share your progress and knowledge in the field of bodybuilding and fitness

Courtney Black app is a health and fitness app to help you reach your goals with Courtney as your personal trainer from your phone. This app will help you fall in love with fitness and help you reach your fitness goals.

The app is designed to help all shapes and sizes and all goals. You choose how many days per week you would like to train and what diet you would like to follow. You will be provided with a daily workout and diet to follow from a library of healthy and delicious recipes.

The app promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle that is achievable for everyone to follow.

Your workout schedule is split into phases which change every two weeks to keep you progressing. You choose from either weight loss, toning / keeping fit or muscle gain as your main goal. The programs are mainly weight training with HIIT workouts, circuits and bodyweight mixed in. No workout is ever boring!

Your workouts are intense and no longer than 1 hour long.

The app includes quick workouts, challenges and full body workouts to choose from.

You receive a custom meal plan with calories and macros for your goal which you can then add recipes from the log.

Courtney Black Fitness
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