Dobby Dog hide and seek – peekaboo game v1.6

Dobby Dog hide and seek – peekaboo game v1.6

Dobby Dog likes to travel a lot. But what he likes even more, is hiding in the most difficult places during his travels. Therefore, it’s very convenient for him that you will now accompany him on his travels. Can you find him? For kids aged 3 and over.

Children discovery in this lovely drawn game a lot of colorful and exciting worlds.

The children plunge into a wet world below the sea level, into a hot savanna full of dangerous animals, into a fluffy white South Pole, an imaginative fairy tale world full of surprises and to the scarcely explored Mars.

Dobby dog„ supports:

  • interaction
  • supports the recognition of shapes and colors
  • problem solving skills
  • memorizing skills
  • logical thinking
  • attention
  • concentration
  • discovery


  • 5 lovely drawn worlds with a lot of hiding places
  • No In-App Purchases
  • No ads
  • lovely background music and SFX
  • No reading skills required
  • over 170 hiding places
  • you can zoom in, out and move the image around to find dobby dog
  • After 45 seconds, you’ll get a clue where Dobby Dog is hiding
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