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Drag Racing MOD APK v3.11.3

Drag Racing
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Drag Racing MOD APK is one of the most popular car racing games available for Android, developed by Creative Mobile game studio and estimated to have been installed up to 500 million times. In this game, which is based on drag racing, you have to show your skills in fast acceleration by using cars with hundreds of horsepower and beat your competitors one after another. If you are not familiar with drag races, we should mention that these races are held based on the acceleration power of the cars in a completely straight route of a quarter or a half mile long, and whichever car crosses the finish line first wins. If you like speed and excitement, we hope you will enjoy this game.

Features of the Android Drag Racing game MOD APK :

  • Ability to drive different cars with hundreds of horsepower
  • The possibility of upgrading and strengthening the car
  • The possibility of participating in online competitions
  • The presence of dream cars such as Skyline GT-R, Ford Mustang classic and BMW M3
Drag Racing
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