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Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot 1.65

Dynamic Island - dynamicSpot
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Dynamic Island - dynamicSpotDynamic Island - dynamicSpotDynamic Island - dynamicSpotDynamic Island - dynamicSpot

Although many users always believe that Android phones are superior to iOS phones and provide a variety of features to their users, the iPhone in its new version has shown a popular feature; A unique feature called Dynamic Island or Dynamic Island, which has attracted the attention of millions of people around the world. This issue is one of the reasons that caused the developers of Android smartphones to work and provide this special feature to users. No matter what kind of hardware your phone supports, with this program you will be able to bring the unique feature of Dynamic Island iOS to your Android phone! Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot is the title of the application for adding Dynamic Island to Android mobiles, developed by Jawomo and published on Google Play. From the description and the title of this page, it is easy to understand that by installing this Android application, you can simulate the iPhone 14’s dynamic island feature around the selfie camera notch of your Android smartphone and get a unique experience in this field. . The first feature of this smart app, which can even be considered superior and better than its original version on the iPhone, is the possibility of personalization. You will be able to easily customize this dynamic island as much as possible and change its activities according to the programs. Just like the original version of this feature on iPhone; The animations of the Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot application will captivate you and bring a perfect overlap with your selfie notch. If you are working with your smartphone, you will receive a notification; Easily view the notification through the dynamic island or by long-touching it, read the text directly and send a reply to the received message. Another existing feature is simulating music animations; If you play a music in the background of your phone, this dynamic island reacts quickly and in addition to its attractive animation, it helps you have full control over your music playback. It is up to you to choose the programs whose notifications will be displayed in Dynamic Island, and you will be able to adjust it as easily as possible.

Some features and capabilities of the Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot Android program:

Extremely accurate and attractive simulation of iPhone’s dynamic island feature on Android
Full coverage of the selfie notch just like the original version
The ability to view received notifications through the dynamic island
Option to reply directly to messages received through Dynamic Island
Fantastic visualizer because when playing your favorite songs
The possibility of personalizing the program unlike its original version on the iPhone
Selecting the start-ups you want to display their notification by Dynamic Island
Display the charge level when connecting the phone to the charger

With dynamicSpot you can easily get the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island notification feature from iOS on your android device!

dynamicSpot enables a Dynamic Island notification popup, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone status changes and indicates new notifications like a notification light / LED!

Just tap on the little black dynamic spot / popup to open the displayed app. Long press the popup to expand it, view more notification details and send replies directly from the popup!

With the “Live Activities” feature you can access your favorite apps directly from the Dynamic Island popup just like in iOS 16.1! All your favorite apps just one tap away!

iPhone’s Dynamic Island in iOS is not customizable, but dynamicSpot is! You can change appearance like colors or music visualizer, select when to show or hide the dynamic spot / popup or which apps should appear.

As dynamicSpot uses Android’s notification system it is compatible with almost all apps, like messaging notifications, timer apps and even music apps!

dynamicSpot, better than any notification light!


  • iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island notifications
  • iOS 16.1 Live Activities (app shortcuts)
  • Send notification replies from popup
  • iOS notification popup
  • Notification light / LED replacement
  • Show timer countdown
  • iOS music controls
  • Animated music visualizer
  • Battery charging or empty alarm
  • Customizable interaction
  • Selcet notification apps


  • Play / Pause
  • Next / Prev
  • Touchable seekbar
  • Custom actions support (like, favorites…)


  • Timer aps: Show running timer
  • Battery: Show percentage
  • Maps: Show distance
  • Music apps: Music controls
  • More to come soon!

The app is in beta stage, if you have any feature requests or bug reports, please use the beta feedback in google play store. Thanks!


The app uses the AccessibilityService API to display a floating popup to enable multitasking.

No data is collected or shared using the AccessibilityService API!

Dynamic Island - dynamicSpot
Download Dynamic Island - dynamicSpot for android

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