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Ear Scout: Super Hearing
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Ear Scout: Super HearingEar Scout: Super HearingEar Scout: Super HearingEar Scout: Super HearingEar Scout: Super Hearing

Ear Scout: Super Hearing is an ambient sound enhancement application developed by Excelling Apps and published on Google Play. The variety of software is one of the main reasons for the popularity of Android smartphones. In this operating system, we sometimes come across startups that are not only very creative but also solve a huge range of our needs. However, we at the Farseroid website are trying to provide the best and most useful software to you dear ones. Ear Scout: Super Hearing software is one of the most useful and best startup apps that helps amplify the sounds of the environment and listen to it with multiple power in your headphones. In a way, the function of this software is like a hearing aid! After installing the program to your headphones, all surrounding noises are reduced and you can turn it into a powerful bluetooth headphone. Another feature is the ability to listen to the sound from a few meters away. In this case, after pairing your phone with your Bluetooth headphones, you can place your smartphone in a certain place and listen to the sounds of that environment as far as your Bluetooth is active. Adjusting the sound intensity and noise level is in your hands and you will be able to change them with the available options. Unlike many similar software, in this tool you will be able to record the sounds of the environment and send them to others via email if needed. The application environment is very simple and even the most novice users can take full advantage of it.

Some features and capabilities of the Ear Scout: Super Hearing Android program:

Amplifying ambient sounds and playing them through Bluetooth headphones
The possibility of turning your headphones into a powerful hearing aid
A variety of options to reduce noise or volume
Listening to the surrounding sound from a few meters away!
The possibility of recording the sounds of the environment to play them at another time
Share sounds via email
Access to multiple equalizer bands
A suitable option for recording audio in conferences, meetings, classrooms, etc.

The ultimate super hearing app.

Put on some Bluetooth headphones, click on the center button, and you can hear what your phone’s microphone is picking up. It’s also possible to set up a noise-trigger for audio recordings and have them sent to your email.

Whether you want to responsibly audio-monitor your environment, hear the TV and conversations better (non-medical hearing aid), or just listen to birdsong from indoors, Ear Scout amplifies and streams the audio from the mic to your Bluetooth headset (mic-to-headphone) in real time for remote super hearing.


To avoid awful audio feedback you need to use headphones.


After starting the app the volume increases gently to the set level. This way you have time to adjust to high gain settings from the previous session.


Please review the app if you try it.

Ear Scout amplifies sound coming through your phone’s microphone straight to your earphones (direct mic-to-headphones audio routing). To fine-tune the incoming signal, use the audio equalizer.

DISCLAIMER. This app is for non-harmful remote hearing via Bluetooth (e.g. listening to nature / property monitoring) and sound amplification (non-medical hearing aid), not to listen in on private conversations. Please use Ear Scout responsibly.

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Ear Scout: Super Hearing
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