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Easy Game - brain test
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Easy Game – brain test MOD APK is a puzzle game from Easybrain game studio, which is published on Dlpure for free. Here you have to test your IQ and prove that you are the smartest by solving all kinds of puzzles! Easy Game is a challenging and fun thinking game with multiple puzzles. If you like to solve riddles, tricks, sudoku puzzles, word games or word search games, try this game. Develop your logic, memory, intelligence, problem solving skills and creativity. Do you think you are smart enough to solve all these puzzles?
This game is not only for fun but also for teaching important abilities and skills.

What do you experience in Easy Game – brain test?
Easy Game will be a wonderful product to support you in the process of testing the player’s memory and brain. This is a game in the form of a new test. The game’s questions and puzzles have completely new independent nuances. The most interesting thing is that the game always tracks your level and has interesting questions to check the quality of the input. Questions and puzzles bring a new level and players must use all their abilities to solve them perfectly. It is thanks to this game that we train our brain effectively.

Interesting questions
This is an interesting mind game that every player should discover. The interesting thing about the game is that there will always be questions and puzzles to challenge the player’s ability to solve. More precisely, there are always different solutions to each puzzle that players can choose from. Sometimes this is also a way to exercise your own thinking and creativity.

A series of questions will be asked to test the quality of your input. You will be classified in a specific group of players with each respective score. Each group of players will have specific questions for you to solve. Sometimes the questions are related to different areas that the player does not already know. This will stimulate curiosity and also excite you with questions.

Challenges are always there
The unique thing about Easy Game is that it will bring a series of challenges and players must be mentally prepared to face these challenges. Sometimes, you have to be surprised by a multiple choice question because it’s easy to be fooled by trivial situations. The most exciting thing is that the game also gives you side games so that you can get a powerful ticket to use the right to help this question.

Questions always create interest because not only on the answer side, but also the players have to find reasonable solutions. It is very interesting when unexpected answers create the expected victory in this game. Challenges are given continuously so that you can apply executive mentality in this game.

Train your brain
In this game, one thing worth mentioning is the ability to train your brain. This is also a definition for the game because the questions and puzzles presented in the game are always thinking and the players have to think and come up with reasonable solutions to solve these puzzles. This is also a part for you to train your brain better.

Final results
The questions and tests that you answer well will get the points for that question. As the rounds are tallied, whoever has the highest score goes straight to the finals. Winning the final will give you more motivation to face the next challenges. The final result will be announced in the Easy Game ranking.

Easy game always appeals to every player. This is a brain game where you can train your brain. More precisely, the tests and questions in the game are always added and extended to create excitement for this game. Players have to win the powerful ticket and get the highest rank in the competition.

– Quizzes, many questions from different areas are presented in the game.
– Become a person who can think logically and solve puzzles.
– Overcome all challenges to conquer the absolute game score.
– Suggestion feature is included to create interest for players.
– Do challenges to get awesome parts.


By downloading this game for free, it will help you to :

  • Solve brain trick values.
  • Enjoy different types of puzzles to exercise your mind
  • Use real life logic to overcome challenges
  • Using different mechanics to think
  • Test skills, imagination and logic
  • Focusing on details and strengthening your brain power
  • Use hints if you need a clue
  • Find solutions to puzzles
  • Simple and easy gameplay without pressure and time limit
  • Suitable for people of all ages
  • Exercise smart creativity
  • Better understanding of issues
  • Teaching the use of memory and strategic thinking
  • How to solve each puzzle with what tricks
  • What is your IQ? Test your mind and train your brain and try to win.
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Easy Game - brain test
Download Easy Game - brain test for android

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