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Easy German News - TODAI
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Easy German News - TODAIEasy German News - TODAIEasy German News - TODAIEasy German News - TODAI

Easy German – Easy Life

Conquer German easily with Easy German News – TODAI

This is a self-study application of German through news/articles, divided by levels from easy to difficult, helping users improve their German listening – speaking – reading – writing quickly and effectively.

Easy German – provides an effective way to read German newspapers. Integrating the learning feature to look up vocabulary in the article, the application helps learners understand the article deeply; vocabulary and reading comprehension improved. With 20 minutes/day, after a month you will make great progress.

ALL IN ONE – The app includes all the features you need to “study German at home”:


  • Daily news updates with short German articles from official sources
  • Listen to German articles
  • Look up arbitrary words, phrases, and sentences with one tap
  • Save new words in your notebook to review with flashcards
  • Self-translate German articles and share them with friends
  • Highlight vocabulary by level and topic
  • With 2 levels of easy and difficult German news, suitable for each learner’s ability

German dictionary

  • Look up vocabulary meanings and examples of meanings in sentences
  • Read more frequently used sentence patterns, collocation of that word
  • Understand grammar rules with a built-in German dictionary with grammar analysis
  • Illustrated images help to triple the ability to memorize vocabulary

Listen to German

  • Practice listening to German with trending videos
  • Practice listening to German with the breaking news
  • Experience the top Podcasts (VOA, TED, 6 Minute English …) to make listening practice more interesting
  • Full transcript for all videos

The app “Easy German News – TODAI” is suitable for:

  • People who want to self-study German at home
  • People who want to increase their German vocabulary
  • People who want to learn to listen – speak German quickly
  • The person who studied German was then interrupted, learning ineffectively
  • Learners want to review knowledge and innovate learning methods
  • Want to challenge the level, and improve listening-speaking skills.

The method of learning German through the news every day not only helps you learn German vocabulary effectively but also helps you learn the structure and usage of words in everyday life.

Tip for you: With a variety of German articles, and many topics, you will be exposed to all kinds of strange vocabulary, avoiding confusion during the exam. In the process of reading, learners will also practice Reading skills such as skim – skimming the main information and scanning – to find information that interests them. These are two extremely important skills that help to shorten the test time and increase the score very quickly.
Persistence creates success, Easy German will remind you to read every day, easily creating a habit of reading German newspapers for you. Let’s download the app and learn now!

TODAI Easy German – Easy Life
If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to the email address: eup.mobi@gmail.com
Your contribution is the motivation for us to develop the application more and more perfectly.

Easy German News - TODAI
Download Easy German News - TODAI for android

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