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Easy Unit Converter v1.2 (AdsFree)

Easy Unit Converter
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Easy Unit ConverterEasy Unit ConverterEasy Unit ConverterEasy Unit ConverterEasy Unit Converter

Simple and easy to use currency and Easy unit converter app to handle any conversion you need.

Easy Unit Converter covers :

Currency, Unit Lookup, Acceleration, Angle, Area, Data Storage, Data Transfer Speed, Density, Energy, Force, Frequency, length/Distance, Mass/Weight, Power, Prefix, Pressure, Speed/Velocity, Temperature, Time, Torque, Volume and many more.

Easy Unit Converter: Below is the list of supported conversion categories, all convert metric to imperial units and imperial to metric transformations:

  • Energy: power, temperature conversions (Celsius, Fahrenheit), consumed energy.
  • Electricity: electric charge, electric current, electric capacitance, electric potential, electric resistance.
  • Basic dimension: length (distance), area, volume.
  • For daily use: currency converter, clothes and shoe sizes for men, women and children, cooking weights, fuel consumption and time.
  • Mechanics: pressure, weight, force, torque.
  • Motion: speed, acceleration, angular speed, flow rate
  • Chemistry: density, dynamic and kinematic viscosity, mineralization.
  • Computing: data storage and data transfer.

Easy Unit Converter: The Complete List of Measurement Units Supported :

  • Mass and Weight
  • Dollar Rate Calculator
  • Foreign Currency Converter
  • Exchange Rate Calculator
  • Distance and Length
  • Capacity and Volume
  • Area Unit Converter
  • Speed Unit Converter
  • Temperature Conversion
  • Simple Unit Conversion
  • Currency Converter
  • Length & Weight Unit Converter
  • Measurement Converter
  • Conversion Calculator
  • Metric Conversion Calculator
  • Area Converter
  • Metric Measurements
  • Pressure, Volume Conversion
  • Metric System Conversion
  • Metric Calculator
  • Conversion of Measurement Units
  • Converting Metric Units
  • Imperial to Metric Conversion
  • Weight Conversion
  • Measurement Conversion
  • Metric to Standard Conversion
  • Convert Cm To In – In To Cm
  • Conversion of Measurement Units
  • Length Conversion
  • Measurement Conversion Calculator
  • Pressure Unit Conversion
  • Convert Inch to Cm
  • Standard to Metric Conversion
  • Measurement Calculator
  • Weight Conversion Calculator
  • Convert Lbs to Kg – Kg to Lbs
  • Engineering Unit Converter
  • Torque Unit Converter
  • Inch Unit Converter
  • Units of Measurement
  • Convert – Exchange Rate Calculator
  • Currency Exchange
  • Money Converter, Exchange
  • Foreign Exchange Converter
  • Currency Rate Conversion

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Easy Unit Converter
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